Not loving my LV Cerises Speedy anymore

  1. I have a cerises speedy, and have only used it once since I got it. Should I sell it??? Is ebay the way to go, although the thought of getting ripped off by someone switching the bag makes me sick. Any suggestions???? Thanks!
  2. Sell it and put a tag on it so if they return it without the tag you don't have to accept it.
  3. eBay would be your best bet! You'll get the most for it on there. I agree with elongreach, put a tag on the bag and tell buyers that the bag CAN NOT be returned if the tag is cut off. Good luck!
  4. i want it lol! im sure its way cute
  5. I agree with the others .... Don't forget the tag.

    I just got my Panda Pochette this morning :yahoo: (in absolute immaculate condition) and the seller had tagged it as well. She used a wax seal with her initials, very pretty and usefull :yes: and a great idea IMHO. Way less risky than cable binders (is that the right english word? little plastic things that you can close, but have to cut to open?)

    You can get seals and seal wax at lots of stationary stores.
  6. I thought I was only one who disliked the Cerises Speedy!!!
    And yep, you should sell it if you dont want it anymore!
    I just sold mine to my friend...and she loves it!

    Good luck for you, Harrisonsmommy.
  7. You'll get a good price for it, I say go for it. Good luck!
  8. I agree with everyone else, just put it on eBay with a tag so you don't have to worry about someone switching it on you.
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  10. I'll give it a good home if you don't want! :yes:

    Yes - eBay is the way to go and the tag idea is a fabulous one ! Fashionphile does that and for good reason as well :smile:
  11. What a good idea, never thought of that....

    I would wait a bit, and make sure tho..

    Because once it's gone, it will be hard to get back
  12. sorry to hear.
  13. it is a beautiful bag! Just make sure that you really do not want it first!!!
  14. If you don't love it anymore, then you should definitely sell it...better to find the bag a new home...and to get your money back so you can buy a bag you do love!
  15. ouh.... som sorry to hear that! I would loveeeeee to have one myself! Sell it on Ebay then... that's the best way to find it a new home