Not loving any new Coach bag...

  1. I don't know what's wrong with me! I went into a brand new Coach store that opened near where I work. I was so excited and was sure there would be something that I would love.

    I go in and start from one end of the store and work my way all around hoping to see the jewel of all bags. When I finished my rounds, I was so shocked! There was absolutely nothing there that I even remotely liked!

    I don't know if it's because it's just the new crop of bags that don't appeal or maybe I'm growing out of Coach? I was disappointed that I didn't see anything.

    I used to love Coach bags, having just bought a white Ali more than a month ago and I love her. But now, I'm not feeling the same excitement.

    I'm starting to look at Chanel and Louis Vuitton for future purchases but most of those bags are way out of my budget which is why I loved Coach for their reasonable prices.

    Does anyone else feel this way?
  2. Umm. No! I can hear harp music and angel's signing when I walk into the Coach store near me.

  3. I understand, aside from the vague reports of the new Ergos I haven't been too thrilled with Coach recently either. My affections are turning to LV, but it's just so expensive, I mean, a LV costs more than basically anything I own aside from my car (even my computers cost less than an average LV). And that money would serve me much better in the bank. I've basically backed off bags, I just bought a nice wallet and I think I'm done for awhile. I may start a small savings fund for a LV, maybe get one this time next year, but for the moment I think I'm on a voluntary hiatus.
  4. i totally am w u! i used to loooove coach. sicne getting married i can no longer rationalize spending money on LV. coach is in the budget but nothing this season appeals to me. a lto fo the new stuff is sorta cute but lacks functionality. also m finding the majority of the bags are v large now. and i dont like hobos. it is a shame cause last yr had some great stuff (too bad i was in a ban!)
  5. I feel the same way with the new fall bags. The mineral color is pretty but I just don't like the design of the bags much at all. I think its just this season- for me at least.
  6. I know how you feel. I didn't really see anything I liked the last time I walked into their store. And for the price of their new things, I'd rather get an LV. But I know for sure that I'll probably like something in the next season. I'll just look at it as a break lol.
  7. Lord I wish I was feeling that way this season! There are already three bags that will total over two thousand dollars once purchased. *sigh*

    I actually feel relieved whenever Coach comes out with a catalogue and I don't like anything in it. My bank account gets a much needed breather! So rejoice in this feeling, because in my experience, it doesn't usually last long. *LOL*

    I haven't grown out of Coach, but I do love a lot of Chanel designs, and Fendi Spy bags rock (I have one). If I could afford to buy them more often I totally would, but so far Coach is great for me.
  8. That's a good perspective to have!:p You're probably right in that I will eventually find something I love once a new season comes around.
    But it's bad in that I'm eyeing a really expensive Chanel bag to make up for it! hehe
  9. :roflmfao:
    Same here!
  10. *LOL* I've strayed from Coach twice. One to Chanel (I bought a large Cambon tote that I'd been wanting for years) and once for a Fendi Spy bag. Both of them were in the $1600-1800 range. It was PAINFUL letting go of that much money for just one bag. *L* And now that I've spent so much on them, I'm paranoid to use them. It's sick.

    Which Chanel are you eyeing? *just bein' nosy*
  11. Don't feel bad. Coach did not may anything that I liked enought to purchase for four years. This year they are making everything that I like. You probably liked the styles of previous years while I like the present styles. Nothing really grabs me yet but I know that I will find something I like come September/October.
  12. Is it because there is a certain season of Coach bags you prefer and right now is not the best time? That's the way it is for me. I am usually never tempted by the spring lines. I love the fall stuff!
  13. I agree with you. I tend to gravitate toward the classy lines and colors, and it seems with a lot of their bags lately Coach has gotten a little more trendy. I don't want to spend over $300 for something I'm not going to like in a year.

    So my savings fund has started for an LV. It's really only 2 Coach purses (I can justify almost anything when it comes to purses and shoes :smile: ).

    I am hoping that the fall line will be a little more to my tastes, because a girl always needs a new purse.
  14. I will always love coach but I see there new collections and feel its more of the same or the prices have gone up so much. You used to be able to get a beautiful leather bag for under 400.00 now they all sem to start around 595.00 and for that price there are things that interest me more...
  15. I'm not in purse pursuit anymore because I have the bags I love and enjoy using. Two considerations Whiskey Ali, and hopefully a Raisin Leigh if it comes out.