not lovin my new Artsy - anyone else?

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  1. My Artsy MM was just delivered. I' was home taking a nap cause feeling a little "under the weather". Actually I was expecting this bag to be delivered tomorrow. Now I don't know if it is because I'm in PJs and not feeling great but I'm VERY unsure if I should keep or return. The bag is big and the handle is uncomfortable (very stiff and rolled), and when on shoulder - it definitely cuts into me. Perhaps I settled because it cost less than mahina and I wanted something new. Also I was impulsive since it was the last day of tax-free. I'm thinking of going back to my local Saks to return it. Should I wait a few days to see if it grows on me?
  2. Wait a few days and see how you feel!
  3. I'd probably wait a day or two to see if your feelings change. However, don't talk yourself into it! Put some of your stuff in it and if your shoulder really is uncomfortable, then return it. I have found whenever I have talked myself into a bag I always regret it, then sell it down the road without hardly wearing it...
  4. I will be very surprised if you initial feelings change. First impressions are always right for me with LV.
  5. ^^ ITA!

    It sounds like me with my speedy 35. I used to think it looked like a suticase, then I used it a few times and I began to love it! Just see how you feel in a few days!
  6. I think DS is right.I cancelled my Artsy order as my SA called and said it wasnt a great handle for me as well.That handle just blows it for me...
    I ended up getting the Josephine wallet though and i ADORE that.
  7. I always thought I had 14 days to make a return to LV. But the card in the package says 30 days. I'm so torn as to what to do! This mm artsy will definitely hold a lot and I like that it doesn't have much vachetta. Do experts on forum think the handle will soften up?
  8. I also like that it is not as common as the NF.
  9. My SA said he didnt think the handle would give in alot more..thats why i didnt go for it
  10. All vachetta does soften up.

    On another note, I never believe the shoe salesman when he says, "the shoes will stretch."

    MORAL: If it doesn't feel right, it probably won't ever feel right.
  11. at least wait a few days wuddnt hurt
  12. Let's consider other vachetta handles.

    I bought a replacement strap for my Viva Cite GM and it is still firm. Now the 4 year old handle (since the bag was carried almost daily for a year) was soft and supple. I have no intention of carrying my VC for 365 days straight--maybe 5 days a will take it much much longer to become as supple as the other strap.

    Will this bag be part of your bag rotation or will you carry it daily?
  13. I love mine, have worn her twice, I think the handle will soften a bit. If you are not feeling it, and you are not loving it, don't keep it, get your Mahina!!! or that Rolex you were wanting!!
  14. I think if I keep the Artsy I will be wearing it 5 days a week unless it drives me crazy! I will alternate on the other 2 days with black mm courtney and azur berkeley in Spring.
  15. DANIELI - LOL!!!! Don't worry - I have plans for that Air King. It'll probably be in July. I have some other expenses to do first but that rolex is a 100% sure thing. It is funny when you know without a doubt you're in love with one item (rolex) and really unsure about another.