Not LiLo, is Du Juan!!!

  1. Just read the news from local(HK) newspaper, Chinese model Du Juan will be the spokesman of A/W Louis Vuitton.

  2. Now, she's pretty!
  3. She's pretty! She has an ethereal quality, looks like someone you might see in a painting.
  4. YES, a MODEL modeling.... imagine the novelty of that. I'm so sick of seeing celebs as stand-ins.
  5. She is beautiful!!! GREAT choice!!!:love:
  6. A far better choice than LiLo. She has those super wide apart Gemma Ward eyes.. hehe.
  7. YEA !!!!!!!!!!!! She is much prettier than LILO!
  8. beautiful girl... she will be exquisite

    thank god they didnt use Lilo. How is she relevant to the LV customer?
  9. She Is A Timeless Beauty. She Is Perfect!
  10. Much better choice! She has really lovely lips.
  11. She's very pretty!
  12. yea..shes gorgeous! better then Lilo..hehe!
    She was MISS CHINA 2003, am I right?
  13. I like! Agreed that enough with the celebs trying to fill in roles as models.
  14. Beautiful girl. Much better than LiLo!
  15. I hope that's right - she's very pretty. Much better than LiLo.