Not liking anything on COACH right now!

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  1. Keep in my this is my opinion and I'm not trying to make it yours.

    I am so disappointed with the current Coach lines and selection. Everything is so drab to me, nothing appears bright and fun. I was totally in love with the recent Legacy line, both for the color choices and the bag styles. I also loved a lot of the Madison pieces and colors available.

    Most importantly, there is nothing in purple! Where are the purple choices?

    It's sad to have the PCEs come and go without use, but I just have not fallen in love with anything lately and I want a NEW BAG!

    Anyway, maybe I'm alone here, but maybe not. Feel free to discuss your own disappointment in the current choices here.
  2. i know what you mean....everything seems so business like in a way.....i am digging those Preston bags in bright colors though!! my wallet and hubbs is pretty excited that i'm broke LOL but i'm totally crazing those colored bags
  3. I agree...a lot of the offerings now while nice in their own way, feel much too dressy for everyday wear.

    I LOVED the bright colours from the fall 2012 Legacy stuff and wish more of the old style Madison bags came in such bright colours too. I also wish they would bring back the old Poppy line which seemed to have many more "fun" styles.

    Still, bright mulberry is a GORGEOUS purple and I would love to have something in that colour eventually. Maybe a mini Tanner with silver hardware? :biggrin:
  4. I agree with you like the older styles .I also love purple I asked the ladies at FPS said no purple yet but probably will have some later in the year, .
  5. I looked on Coach didn't see any bright Mulberry is it out yet?
  6. I'm sad to say I agree. Coach is so different now than it was a year ago. It feels like they no longer have something for everybody. The current line reads less casual and more business like than ever. I have always loved Coach for their wide range of styles and I just don't see that anymore. There's nothing in their current line that works for a busy new mommy like me. I find myself turning to other brands and wishing I could love Coach like I used to. When Coach releases something a little more casual I will return a happy customer.
  7. There aren't a lot of current styles that appeal to me. That is a good thing! I like the shape of the Prestons but I think the large is too big for me and I really prefer shoulder bags. I really like the Madison convertible hippie - I like it so much better than the Bleecker daily shoulder bag - but it looks like they are discontinuing it without coming out with some better colors for it. I don't know why they stopped making the Madison flap. They have the smaller Madison crossbody but it's too small for me. The one current bag that makes my heart beat faster is the gingham saffiano. That is the one bag that I might be tempted to get with PCE, and I might get the Madison convertible hippie if I find it at the outlet.
  8. Bright Mulberry in Preston Satchel is available to order now. Just give style number, 30144, and ask what colors are available to order.
  9. I have to agree with everyone else. Too structured and lady/business like for me.
  10. I have to agree also. I desperately want a new bag for summer and have been trying to find something I love. I love the shape and look of the preston and have saved the picture of the camel/pink ruby since the preview, but am a shoulder bag girl at heart due to having a child and wanting my hands free. I also felt like the preston is a little too big/wide and I tried to wear it on my shoulder but it jams up into my armpit more than I would like. I am short enough to wear it crossbody with the long strap but feel like it looks like a big bag dangling by a little strap on me. The madison hobos are pretty and the leather is gorgeous, but I don't love any of the colors and really prefer silver hardware. I love that white studded duffle on the stage site but then have to ask myself if I really need another duffle? I have cobalt, cognac, fuchsia, and the grey pebbled. First world problems, I know! ;)
  11. Me too! There are some lovely bags but just nothing I really love. I'm happy for those gals who do love the new bags of course! Usually with Coach if I don't like a line or two I can just wait and they'll bring out something I do love, but based on the previews I've seen I don't think that is happening anytime soon. I also don't like the higher price points on a lot of the bags.

    I also really loved the Legacy line and got quite a few great bags, so I'll enjoy those and keep scouting FOS and my outlets for great deletes. I did get a couple of Madison Hobos but that's all I wanted.
  12. Yes, I know what you mean. Love, love, love my Legacy pieces in Fuchsia, Carnelian, Lemon..........ah beautiful bright color!

    But check out the Preston threads because that Bright Mulberry is to die for! It also comes in Pink Ruby and Bright Mandarin. The colors are not on I found out about them by calling and asking a rep for the available colors.
  13. +1. There's nothing that currently jumps out as a must have for me like pieces from the legacy line did. But that just means I should stop & enjoy what I have!
  14. I believe the Madison Hobo is available to order in Pink Ruby if you like that color.
  15. Add me to the list. I have $200 in gift cards that I've been sitting on for 3 months now. There just hasn't been anything I've liked enough to buy. I keep waiting for the more casual, summery bags to show up. I may have to go MFF for that though. Everything at FP is so formal. It just doesn't fit my lifestyle.