Not keeping the Charlie

  1. The Charlie in Black that I had ordered arrived late this afternoon. (Two Koobas arrived on the same day!)

    I was so excited to see her in person, but I did not fall in love. :sweatdrop: The bag is very nice, just not exactly what I thought.

    So, after thinking long and hard about this all evening, I have packaged her back up and printed out the RMA, and am sending her back.

    I just could not justify the money if I didn't completly love the bag. (Like I :heart: my new Jillian).

    So, after an exciting day of two beautiful bags arriving on the same day, one will be going back.
  2. Don't feel bad. It happens all the time. Sometimes the love happens and sometimes it doesn't. Mine will be getting sold too. I guess my love for this bag was more in the color. The Rose was so pretty but the black...well it's classy, but another black bag that I have enough of. Black is not my staple color like many people.
  3. I think the Jillian is a real 'wow' factor bag, so the Charlie had stiff competition. I would think the Charlie is a great work bag, but the Jillian is just so fab.
  4. Oh I think the Charlie is great for a Business woman. Classy, functional, and has a nice style. It's very spacious.
  5. I always think the Charlie looks quite sophisticated and businesslike. A very sharp bag. The Jillian is far more casual. I can imagine both bags being useful on a frequent basis for different occasions.
  6. The Charlie in luggage I think can be dressy or casual with jeans. If you didn't like it that much, it's good that you sent her back.
  7. You made the right decision. I thought that it was a little bit too "uptight" IMO. I like more of a relaxed slouchy look (like me! - haha)....:nuts:
  8. You're doing the right thing. You need to love it to keep it. If not, back it goes, so you've got the money for the next one.
  9. Absolutely, the loves gotta be there. Good you sent her back - $$ for the next one :yes:
  10. Sorry to post and run girls. Was away for work (flight attendant). Home now and will be taking Charlie to Fed Ex tomorrow. I am sure she will find a loving home.

    The Charlie was not as slouchy as I had assumed from the photos. I guess that will teach me not to order before seeing IRL.

    The bag is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but just not quite my style for the $$$. I am keeping my eye out for the next one! :drool: