not just good for a palette of toilet paper and samples anymore....

  1. I don't know if you guys already covered this. Probably since you guys are all over this kinda stuff... I'm sorry if this is old new.

    Just shopping for you know the basic, 95 pack of toothbrushes, etc... and now they have Prada, Fendi, YSL....

    Who knew?

    Next time I am out on a toilet paper run, I can stock up on a handbag too! :smile:
  2. huh??? costco carry PRADA??? is it the cosco for grocery place??
    that's weird
  3. Ya it is kinda weird. I actually think they are a little discounted too. Something to look into.
  4. woww..i never knew that!
    good findings...
    eventhough it's pretty weird that costco sells bags too..:lol:
  5. yes, costco does sell some designer stuff. There was thread in here stating that one Costco also sold LV stuff. one of our brave pf'ers bravely asked the person in charge of how they got the goods to LV and were they authorized to sell LV. A month later, LV was off thier racks... it was so thought that the LV's were super fakes!
  6. wow what the... that's really weird! If they're real, then that's great. But, I doubt the ppl at Costco are as knowledgable as us member of TPF and hopefully they don't unwittingly sell fakes.
  7. On the website they do have a few YSL. I don't know anything about them selling fakes but one thing I know is COSTCO has the best return policy!! THE ABSOLUTE BEST! They will take anything back up to 6 months! That's a long time. USED and all. We buy all our electronics there for that reason, our computer, etc... No other store gives you that long plus they don't charge a crazy "restocking" fee.

    I hope they don't sell fakes! I don't see why they would need to. I can see why they could carry high end designer stuff, they purchase in HUGE Volumes!! ALL OVER THE WORLD. I was shocked to see Costco in Taiwan when I was there visiting! It's good for the designers, they can market to all demographics. Just because people shop at Costco doesn't mean they aren't wealthy.

    I know that the COSTO here in SD carry COACH and other items that are not on the website. They are locked up so it's not like everybody is touching them.

    They actually carry GREAT DIAMONDS too! I am pretty educated about Diamonds and the quality of theirs are impressive!

    It's worth a shot. If it is fake then, let us all know... and take it back!! You have 6 months! :smile:

    Costco isn't the old warehouse we use to go with Mommy with.
  8. come they don't have this stuff in the Canadian costcos?!?!?
  9. I have known people to buy some bags there. They have not received a fake yet. The selection is minimal and you of course have to get lucky to find something you like, but the prices are fair. I have been told by someone as well that the diamonds are nice, but I can't confirm that myself.
  10. I've seen Fendi purses at Costco, but I've assumed they were fake. I don't know much about Fendi. Next time I shop at Costco, I better take a look.
  11. I've heard so much about the Fendi Spy in Costco . . . however, I haven't been able to see it in the store yet. Which Costco carry the spy?
  12. Hmm my post didnt go thru. I just checked Costco. They have Cartier Watches and some nice DIOR Sunnies!

  13. sometimes they do...i've seen a few bags in display cases in canadian costcos and they sell some on the website too
  14. A lot of the things you see on is NOT available in stores. But I trust that they're merchandise is real. It's a good way to get a great bag for a few dollars less. And yes, they do carry nice diamonds.
  15. i bought one prada from Costco online... real guys...

    agree they do carry good quality diamonds...