Not just bags..what about LV clothing?

  1. I'm ecstatic. I just got my LOVE tank top and Charms tank top!! It's the cutest!! Do any of you like LV clothes??? I'm completely inlove with LV. From their shoes, to their handbags and now...clothes!! Do any of you have any of their pieces? If so, what?

    I have ~ LV cardigan, LV white jacket, Black knitted cap sleeved top, 2 LV tanks & my latest for next summer ~~ LOVE & Charms tank tops!!!:love:
  2. pictures please!
  3. I wanna see pictures too!
  4. Congrats please. My store doesn't sell RTW:nogood:
  5. How much was that shirt, John?
  6. Here you go!! OOH, I bought my hubby the beanie in Gray and the matching scarf!! Here are the pics ~ sorry they aren't professional looking :yahoo:
    LV 001.JPG LV 002.JPG LV 003.JPG LV 004.JPG LV 005.JPG
  7. Nice pics! I like the charms top - how much was it, if you don't mind my asking?
  8. OMG John! I LOVE that shirt?! Where/When did you get it?! How much was it?! What kind of other shirts do they offer?! lol
  9. congrats ..great purchases:heart:
  10. My hubby bought it for me as a gift. (He travels) Unfortunately our store here doesn't carry RTW ~ but if you mention it to your SA they may be able to show you some RTW pieces!
  11. Here are my hubby's things -
    LV 006.JPG LV 008.JPG
  12. I got it around April at the main Houston Galleria boutique. It retailed for $211.08 with tax. Other shirts they offer... As for the other shirts LV offers: A LOT of hot ones!

    Lvmh_lvr: Those are SUCH great pieces! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE EVERYTHING!!! :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  13. I have a long sleeve tee just like John's but in all black. Pics are in the "RTW" club thread.
  14. That's not too bad for a shirt! Is there a website with pictures/prices of LV shirts and other RTW items? I'd LOVE to get at least one for my collection but my store doesn't have any RTW :sad: OMG I'm seriously in love with your shirt, I keep looking at the picture haha.