Not joining the denim club after all!

  1. I've been waiting for 2 weeks for the blue denim baggy PM to arrive. It came today and what a disappointment - it's so small.
    If it had been £300 I might have considered keeping it because I love the style but at £600 it's a definite no no.
    So, my hopes of a great sling everything into it summer bag have been dashed but there's still hope - I've now got a speedy 30 in azur on its way.
    You can always rely on a speedy!
  2. Gotta love the speedy.....
  3. Sorry you didn't love the denim baggy. But your right, you could never go wrong with a speedy.
  4. i know what you mean about the price. its killing me i want that bag in pink so bad.

    cant wait to see your new speedy !
  5. the denim baggy is actually the same size as the denim speedy, ( infact sq space its bigger)
    Which its actually the same as the speedy 25.

    Did you order the blue denim ? Sorry that you arent liking it, maybe the denim baggy GM would be better.
  6. Try the GM! I tried the PM on and I swear it is smaller than the speedy 25. My items that I carry in my speedy would not fit in the PM.. tiny! I ended up with the GM. Its a great bag and not that much more $$.
  7. Ha, i agree with the post that suggests the denim neo speedy!

    Its so functional and gorgeous!
  8. Congrats on the new speedy.You are going to love it.
  9. The speedy is gorgeous so you can't go wrong. I felt the same way about the baggy pm and almost returned it but changed my mind and am so glad I did. For some reason it seemed tiny when I first got it....then I kept it and I can fit everything that I fit into my speedy in it. I was just used to the way a speedy holds everything and not used to that "hobo" style type bag. I don't blame you though - for the price you have to LOVE it. Congrats on the speedy.
  10. ^^ totally agree with you,its doesnt fit stuff the way the neo speedy does but it does fit.

    I too found that its a matter of arranging things, where as if you have smaller items its not that big a deal.
  11. sorry the baggy did not work out for you. I have it and love it. the azur speedy is also a great bag, can't wait to see pics.
  12. you can't go wrong with an azur speedy. its a great summer bag.

  13. Exactly. I was using my speedy 25 for 6 months straight so I was used to that type of bag. When I got my baggy I thought it was small. Now that I have been using it I realize it's the same size and fits so much. It just holds it all in a different way.

    Either way, the azur speedy is to die for...I want that one for next summer!:tup:
  14. Sorry to hear about you not liking your baggy pm....I do agree though that it's wayyyy overpriced (as are all denim pieces) and that it shouldn't really be more than about 500-600 Euros....But, with all that gold hardware and cute custard alcantara lining, it's just totally adorable!

    For me it's just the perfect size as I don't carry much anyway (got a separate diaper bag for my baby now, lol), just the essentials and they fit perfectly with much room to spare. But the speedy will accomodate your things better as its' shape is more use-friendly....;)
  15. The azur speedy is lovely.