Not including black...

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  1. what color bag do you use the most? I am going back and forth between a beige and a red for my next Chanel and wasn't sure which I would use more...
  2. If you wear alot of neutrals, I think a red bag really jazzes things up. Red looks great with blacks, browns, whites and off whites (which is all I ever wear).
  3. I want to buy a red Chanel in the next few months. Where are you, you elusive Red Caviar Jumbo Flap? :crybaby:I wear a lot of neutrals and black, and I agree that red is a great pop of color against them.

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  4. I love red. I have several red bags and always get compliments on them.
  5. i use beige, cream and grey the most. Now adding navy to that list!
  6. Depends on the bag IMO. I like beige for certain bags like the GST and PST but red for the classic flaps.
  7. I agree with the others. I don't have any flaps yet *waiting on the delivery of my first white jumbo!*, but I would go red if you're getting a flap. I love the red reissues I've seen in the action thread! And for someone who started out not liking the new chain *raises hand* I am really liking it now, especially on the red reissues!
  8. i use white and beige when not using black. however, i would love to have a red bag... bright red really makes an outfit pop, especially if you are wearing neutrals.
  9. i use white if I'm not using black.
  10. i think beige and white are good neutrals

    red is hottt on a flap =)
  11. I love red.
  12. besides black - I probably use grey the most after that! But I make a lot of use out of red and pink too.
  13. Brown
  14. I have 2 red Chanel's and I use them more then my black ones. They go with just about everything and I get tons of compliments on the color.
  15. I use my dark silver reissue the most! The neutral color matches everything! :smile: