Not in love with my Recital - not loving UK customs either(LONG!)

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  1. I was so excited when i spyed a mono Recital on US eBay a little while ago for $199. It looked quite well used from the pictures, the vachetta was quite dark but i can live with that. I "umm"'d and "ahhhh"'d over it for ages and then finally took the plunge with the Buy It Now just before the auction ended because i knew i was gonna loose out. I'm not fussy about the condition of bags so long as they are presentable and the linning is tidy and clean.

    I'd set aside a bit of money to go towards a bargin if i saw one and this was my chance. So i payed over paypal and waited for it to be delivered.

    I checked the progress of delivery every day when the USPS site updates (which is in the evening over here in the UK)

    So i checked it wednesday after work and it said that there had been an attempted delivery at 6.59am that morning. I am studying away so i had it sent to my parents house so that i could pick it up over the weekend and head back to my place of study. So i called them straight away to make sure it had arrived.

    Mum didnt know anything about the parcel and said they hadnt even left a note to say they had tried to deliver, Which is odd because my parents dont leave for work until 7.45am

    So the courier who had taken the parcel when it arrived over here had lied. Which seemed odd. So thats the first thing that annoyed me about the parcel.

    Then on thursday I recieved a letter from the courier saying that i had to pay £34.06 in customs costs. Which i dont really understand! But i paid it anyway, so my bargin of a handbag isnt so much of a bargin anymore but I really wanted a recital so i figured "Yeah its worth it!"

    So i've payed up the extra and so the parcel arrived on the friday morning.

    The bag style is perfect but the condition isnt as i had expected. The photos on the auction didnt really show the true condition of the bag so i was really dissappointed when i opened package. The seller has so many disclaimers in their listing that it is impossible to return it, the only way i can return it is if the bag is a fake. Which i know its not. This isnt a case of buyers remorse because i love the bag but feel it wasnt truly represented in the listing. There are 2 pen marks inside the bag and it had grey hair in it, i thought i was going to be sick. And there are funny white patches on the canvas, but they aren't really very obvious you can only really see them upon closer inspection.

    Within an hour i had re-photographed it and put it on eBay again, and now its in its box waiting to be bought.

    I've never been so upset by a purchase on ebay. I can deal with the extra cost because i thought the condtion would be better than what it actually was. I dont even want to look at it. I just want to cry.

    Is there anything i can do? I am so annoyed and upset by this transaction. HELP!

    (mods please move the thread if i've put it in the wrong place, sorry!)
  2. That's terrible! You have no recourse from the seller?
  3. I would file a claim with paypal because it was significantly not as described. Did you contact the seller? If the white patches weren't shown in the photos, you definitely have a case.
  4. I think the regulars in the eBay forum may be able to help you a little better.

    Just a quick question, 34 quid seems SUBSTANTIAL for customs - did he mark down the correct value ? If the seller did not, you can at least get it back from the customs office - just print out a copy of the auction and say that the seller messed up.
  5. I've looked on the customs sheet that came with the parcel and the description and value are all correct. I just cant believe that i have to pay so much! with shipping and the customs charges i paid over half the value of the bag again.

    I havent contacted the seller because like i said there are so many disclaimers in the description that i have no recourse as far as i can see. Also all i would receive back would be the total of the auction (£99) where as its cost me another £54 to get it here and then will cost me more to send it back, So i figured i would be better off just selling it on myself.

    Thank you so much to everybody for taking the time to read my very long post!

    Out of every single piece of LV i've ever bought (new or used) i have never been so let down and upset.

    On another note: If i send it back to the seller will they have to pay customs charges aswell? when it arrives in the USA

  6. If it is a return I dont believe that the seller will have to pay a customs fee.

  7. Thank you for the info! :smile:

    part of me wants to send it back so that the seller gets stuffed with the customs fee's just like i did. Though i am a very kind person and really dont want it to come to that.

    Its just so frustrating! I've listed it on eBay at a loss because of the customs fee's, and i cant sell a bag for more than it is worth!
  8. UK customs are very expensive I always get stung so always factor in around 25% on to top of any item if I'm buying outside the UK that way it helps prevent any nasty surprises you pay about £15 just for handling fees
  9. I think you are doing the right thing by selling it. It will sit in your closet and upset you every time you look at it otherwise. Customs can be a disappointment, I sometimes pay sometimes they dont ask. It feels worth it if you get a lovely item but I do understand your disappointment.
    You will have to state the condition of the bag on your auction but perhaps if you take it to LV shop they may be able to solve the problem. Good luck
  10. WOOO!!

    The bag literally just sold on ebay for £130 so ive made some of my money back. I am never buying from outside Europe again it seems to be too much hassle.

    I've taken a loss but thats life i suppose. You know if i hadnt have been charged that extra £34 i would have quite happily kept the bag and been really happy to have it in my collection, its just the extra cost pushed me over the edge and it had to go!
  11. You should get in touch with the seller and say its not as describe, if she will not except a return file a complaint with paypal. If you send the bag back, you need to keep a copy of the customs form you use to send the bag back plus all documents from the original parcel - you can then claim back the customs fees.
  12. YAY for the outcome!!! For ebay I never and would never buy out of my country. Too much can go wrong and it's not worth the hassle. Did you ever contact the seller? She might've given you a small refund.
  13. That item was either very poorly or really cleverly listed (Depending on your point of view, buyer or seller). The photos shown on the listing were put up in such a way that made it seem like you were seeing everything, but cleverly hiding the 'problem areas.' Shame on that seller

    I know how much you wanted that Recital. But hey, here's knowing the next purchase you make'll bring that beautiful smile of yours back! (And, yes I finally made it onto the forum hehe)

  14. Thank you for all your kind comments everybody.

    I've learned a big lesson, im not going to buy Internationally agin, its just not worth the hassle. It is a big shame really because my first LV came from the USA and the seller was amazing!

    I don't want to make a big thing out of it with the seller with this transaction because ive said i would quite happily have kept the bag if it hadnt of been for the extra £34 i had to pay. It just turned me off of the bag completly.

    Maybe i'll have better luck over the summer! x