Not in love with my new Chanel classic =/

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  1. Hi everyone...

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend. So I just received my m/l classic flap in black lambskin with SH and for $3400+ I'm second guessing my decision in purchasing it. :-s

    I think I am regretting not going with the jumbo. Since most of my bags are on the bigger side, I thought I would purchase the m/l to get something a bit different. However, for the price, I realize I won't be getting much use out of this bag.

    I'm leaning towards swapping it out for the jumbo.

    Has this ever happened to anyone, where you purchased your Chanel and got it home and felt like you made the wrong decision?
  2. If you're not feeling it, then return it while you still can. It's too much $ if it'll just be sitting in your closet. The m/l is perfect if you don't carry a lot or intend to use it for special events (especially in the lambskin). The jumbo is more of an everyday bag. Might I suggest it in the caviar leather instead? Like most tPFers, I started out with the m/l (because it's the classic size), but later upgraded to the jumbo to fit my needs. I think you'll eventually end up with both sizes. But once you go jumbo, you won't want to go back.
  3. oh, I think I'm in the same boat and will get both eventually or I'm just going to second guess myself like crazy either way....
  4. Quite common given so many choices to choose from. If you love the jumbo and can get more use out of it, then you should exchange it.
  5. I had the same problem and realize the m/l is too small for me. I had to wait 3 months before I can get the caviar jumbo. Lambskin is harder to take care of unless u only plan to use it for special occasions. Return the m/l while you can. The jumbo makes a world of a difference. Good luck!
  6. Thanks for you responses!!!

    I really think I'm going to exchange it tomorrow for the jumbo. Its lovely, but I really don't see myself using it enough to justify the price tag. I have many clutches, including the Chanel classic clutch, that I use for evening/dressier occasions so now that I've thought about it, the m/l won't get used much unfortunately.

    Caviar is lovely, however I love the glossy look of the lamb in the flaps. :love:

    Do you ladies think the jumbo black lamb would still look casual with GH?

  7. exchange it for the one you love!!!
  8. ^ agreed!
  9. hurry and exchange with the one you like, I had the same problem but it was late to return it back :sad: I spent over 3500 $ on a flap I didn't like cuz of its size and didn't have \ the time to return it :sad:
  10. Love the m/l as it's a day and an evening bag. Go grab the jumbo if you are not happy with it however. They are both timeless classics whichever one you decide to choose.
  11. jumbo lamb w/ GH isn't the most casual combo but it's fine. I would choose jumbo caviar with silver hardware if you want a more everyday look.. but hardware color is very personal :smile:
  12. It won't be your last purchase, so get what you love now, and you can always get another one further down the road if you find you want something else, too!
  13. M/L is just way too small. Get the jumbo.
  14. i would return it, the jumbo is only $100 more, might as well get more space!
  15. You should totally exchange it. These bags are waaaay too expensive not to be in love with them.