Not in love with....My Large MP

  1. Am I crazy:?: I wanted a large mp with gold hardware, in a color other than black, for so long. So needless to say when I found one in white(my first and only white bag) I was over the moon. But that was three months ago and I have yet to use her:sad:.
    I'm just starting to venture out, in terms of different colors, So I have not yet built up the nerve to carry a white bag. Also I tried to give her a test run(see how she looked on my shoulder) and when I removed the tissue the shape changed:wtf:. The top droops and I don't like the way it looks. Now I'm thinking maybe this bag is not for me. I love looking at it but I don't know that I will carry it. What a waste to buy a bag just to look at it right:lecture:. So the thought entered my mind to return it but then something in me yells out nooooooo:sweatdrop:.....

    Is it foolish of me to keep a bag just to look at it and to say I have it but not use:confused1: How could I not love anything from MJ maybe I'm losing my mind:bagslap:????

    Thanks for letting me ramble all opinions appreciated!!!!!
  2. Well, I can tell you that I've never really liked the large MP because of just what you described with the top drooping. It always looks badly proportioned to me. And as for white, I'm not much of a "pure" white fan. I sold another bag recently for that reason. I love off-whites, just not pure white.

    I do think if you don't see yourself using it and loving it, you should return (if you still can) or sell it. There are so many other bags out there to love and enjoy. Why spend all that money if you're not going to enjoy it?

    And lastly, you're definitely NOT losing your mind. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. :rolleyes::p Good luck on whatever you decide to do!:yes:
  3. Ya know - I purchased a cocoa lrg MP a few months ago via Bloomies that I ended up selling to my sister. - I have another lrg MP in Bark w/ silver and LOVE the style, but truth is, I couldn't get into the gold hardware on the lrg MP. It took me several weeks of looking at it, to make the decision.

    Now my quest is for a Bordeaux Blake that makes my heart flutter!!!

    And I still love my MJ eggplant "New Tote" from 2004

    Sooooooo - MY answer is that if you aren't feeling the love for that particular style and color combination, then wait till you find something that sets your heart racing!! Too much beautiful stuff out there to settle for less!!!
  4. Naw, you're not losing your mind - Same thing happened to me with my Ursula Bowler. I wanted it so badly, and now that I have it I dont use it, have not even used it one time. It's alot of $ to spend for a bag you don't use - if you can return it and get one you love, go for it.
  5. I agree with the posts above. When you spend so much on a bag and end up not liking it as much it's a disappointment. Let it go, return it or sell it and use the funds for something else.
  6. Awe, you're not crazy at all. I think all of us have done this at least once. I've done it at last 5 times...LOL.

    As the ladies above suggested, I would try and return the bag for something that I absolutely loved.

    IMO, what separates MJ from other designers is the color of his leathers. Neither black nor white make me go over the moon.

    Are you happy with the style/shape of the lg. MP?
  7. It happens...I know what you mean though...You lust and lust over a bag and then you get it and it loses its appeal.
  8. I love the style:tup: but not the shape:tdown:. If only it didn't droop it would be perfect:crybaby:....
    Thank you all for your help:yes: you guys are totally right. I just have a hard time removing handbags from my closet. I always find that I convince myself that I will eventually use
  9. Maybe you should try the small MP, which doesn't have the droopy problem? And then you can get it in a color that you like!
  10. The small MP is very cute, but to small for me:sad:.. I'm a big bag kinda girl:smile:
  11. hmm...if it's too late for you to return it, maybe you can try to sell it off through eBay? hope you can get a bag that you really really love... *hugz*
  12. So I've decided to be a big girl and let MP go:crybaby:. I'm going to try my hand at eBay, what price do you think I should list her for?
  13. I feel the need to get rid of some of my MJ bags too. My sophia isn't practical for my everyday bag load, and my pocket satchel is a bit small. part of me hates to let them go, but it was alot of $$ that is now sitting in my closet.
  14. i always pull up the completed listings for whatever bag i'm selling to see how much they've gone for. then i'll either set the bin price at one of the higher amounts or the starting price a hundred or so less than the average amount of the selling price.

    ebay sales have been pretty slow lately though. i've seen multipockets sell for $200-$250. if you want more money for it, you might want to consider waiting to list it sometime in the fall.
  15. yeah, i agreed with tadpolenyc. due to the crazy sales going on now and past month, i guess it is better to list it later on, at least one month later . JMO!