Not In Love With My Bag?

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  1. So... I love bags, wallets, agendas. The whole lot.
    But for some reason, I recently bought a speedy 35, a koala wallet and a tinkerbell coin purse. My first ever LVs. But when they arrived. I wasnt all that thrilled.
    The speedy came 3weeks earlier than the Koala and Tinkerbell.

    When i bought the speedy from a seller in the US, i was excited. I waited about a week and half for it to arrive. But the time it arrived, i wasnt all that thrilled. I found out a few days later that it was a fake. :cursing:. But when i didnt know it was a fake. I wasnt really excited.

    When i bought the Koala and Tinkerbell (same seller). I received them the next day via express post. I wasnt thrilled to get them either. The Koala turned out to be fake, well fellow tfpers said it was fake. But the seller insisted it was real, and even sent me a email from mypoupette saying its real. Anyways. So the only real LV i now own is a Tinkerbell Coin Purse, which i will never use, only bought it because i thought it was cute.

    Now my dilemma is. WHY ARENT I IN LOVE WITH MY PURCHASES.???
    Even when i THOUGHT they were authentic?? Is this normal? Is there something wrong with me? I own other designer bags, and im more thrilled about them. But i still continue to pick out which bags i want to buy next, from eBay and the boutiques.

    When i first got the speedy and the koala. i thought to myself. oh i got a lv bag/wallet. I spent a lot on it. when i couldve got a cheaper(different brand) bag elsewhere. or ist just a bag. BUT I LOVE BAGS??? im confused!

    Any ideas?? Because if this means i shouldnt be buying these expensive bags, because i have other priorities (buying a new car, and my 9month daughter) THEN i will TRY to stop.

    I dont know what to do.
  2. So sorry about your bad experiences my dear...
    I think you should send the fake bags back and have them refunded, and then buy authentic ones after being advised by seasoned tPFers.

    I think you arent thrilled because your purses are fake.
    If they are real, I think you'd appreciate them much much more.

    however, if you think buying a new car and buying stuff for your daughter is more important than LV bags, then you should save up for what's top of your priority.
  3. Thanks.
    I havent sent the Koala Wallet back, and got a refund for that. But im still in the process of getting my money back for the speedy. Its taking forever. I had to contact my cc company.

    My daughter always comes first. So i always get things for her, before i get anything else. I recently had a car accident, and my car was totalled, so i have to pay the insurance excess, and buy a new car. I have money saved. But with that money, i keep thinking to buy bags instead.
    So i think when i buy these purses that, in the back of my head, im thinking the money i used couldve went towards my new car. :sad:

  4. Sorry i mean. I have already sent the wallet back:flowers:
  5. Aw that sounds not great. Perhaps you want to make yourself feel better in the short term by buying nice things? If they don't satisfy you, perhaps fulfill the bigger obligations first and then go after bags totally guilt-free if that is the problem?
    Anyway, if you don't love your purchases, perhaps look into other designers down the road?
    Good luck!
  6. maybe it's just u haven't found the bag u could "really" love :smile:

    i think u should save the money for other use until u really found a bag that u really loved
  7. if they items are fake i'd contact ebay/paypal and file a claim to get my money refunded.

    perhaps take several pic's and email my poupette and see what they say if you're unsure. If it turns out they are real resell them and get something else.
  8. So sorry about your ordeal. Fight to get your money back for the speedy and then go buy an authentic bag you will love.
  9. Aww, sorry to hear they were fake...maybe you're just not all that in love with LV in general?
  10. It sounds like you need to stay far away from anything that would trigger you to buy a bag until you are all settled and can find joy in bags again. It sound like you have a lot on your plate so it's not surprising that the stress you are going through is taking away from other things like bags. When the time is right you may be ready for a new bag.
    Good luck!
  11. Soemtiems you have to give a bag time. It might not be love at first sight, but it'll be love after a few days/weeks. And buying a brand spankin new Louis from the boutique will probably make the bag more exciting as well! Sorry about the fakes =(
  12. I agree.
  13. I too would go for the refund if you dont LOVE it and save for other things that are necessities.. as hard as it may be! Be strong girlie !
  14. it really sucks that you got fakes, i hope you can get your money back. to me, half the thrill comes from the prospect of buying it, going for the kill. i have to say though, once you get your items you'll never really know how you feel about it until they're home with you. i've had purses and accessories that i don't want to use but to just stare at b/c they're gorgeous, and bags that ive been dying to get for a year and a half that i don't even look at anymore (stored in their dustbags) and ones that i try to use all the time, planning my clothes out so i can wear it with the bag. LOL for me, its like i'll never know how i feel about it. do prioritize with other things first if you feel like bags in general don't give you as much excitement but don't give up on them! you'll find one you'll positively use to death sooner or later b/c you love it so much! gl~
  15. Thanks for ur opinion.
    I think that is the problem. I have other things i keep thinking of..