not in love with bags for fall

  1. My daughter is 23 and works in fashion and has great taste in bags. For the summer I bought her a bright red patent YSl medium bag, and it makes so much more of a statement than all the Chanels this season. Her birthday is coming up and I got her a beautiful large Valentino tote in soft black leather with leather flowers. The quality is great and it's DIFFERENT. It was not cheap but for the quality, uniqueness, and look I would take it over a Chanel.
  2. I understand that everyone has a different aesthetic preference for bags... but I see way more YSLs in my city than I do Chanels, so I'm not sure about the uniqueness argument. That's just my thought. Of course, what you see varies geographically. I'd imagine that even in NYC, YSLs are more ubiquitous than Chanel due to a lower price point, the Downtown bag becoming the IT bag of the season, great availablity, etc.
  3. It does depend where you live. The difference is, not everyone is trying to buy a designer bag of the same style in multiple colors, with the exception of Channel. I would not want to own more than one YSL of the same style, just because it was a different color. The same goes for Bottega, Balenciaga and all of the others. It just surpirses me almost every thread on the Chanel site is pretty much related to flaps. To each his own.
  4. I don't think that's true. Yes, there are a lot of threads about the classic flap, but that's because it's one of the most iconic and recognizable bags out there.

    There are still a lot of threads about all of the other different styles Chanel has to offer. Chanel brings out so many different styles every season, it's unbelievable. Just check out the reference library and The classics are really in the minority on :yes:

    Of all the designers out there I truly believe Chanel brings out the most different styles every season. That's why it's so hard for most members to keep up with them.

  5. ITA with you ... maybe people will become tired of flaps - I mean there was a time that you thought that was a bag only a lady of a certain age would wear. For me, given that you have to shell out so much money for a bag, the flap seems to be the best 'investment' because of its longevity - I mean there are thread (even I started one) about whether you still carry your cambon or cabas ... but unless I am blind, I don't recall a thread about "Do you still carry your flaps". Perhaps you may not carry your older flaps but they have become timeless and unless you are a true Chanel expert, like most of you here, how many people will actually know what year a flap is from? Whereas everyone on the planet knows when say the LV Murakami's came out or the Fendi Spy and so on ...
  6. I agree with the majorities on this thread and am changing mind on my waitlist...the patent green and the patent black flap. To me it is the lack in quality and it doesnt seems to scream to me... "take me home".

    Well I am drifting to the BV and the H world. :yes:
  7. Let's hope they will bring back something exciting next spring! We need bright colors *hint* lipstick red *hint*!!
  8. Since I already own two beautiful Chanel flaps and don't want to purchase anymore... I can understand why you wrote this. I'm always looking for threads about bags other than flaps, since that's where my interests are at the moment. I want to read about totes!

    It does seem as if there are many flap threads... I think they are the most popular Chanel bags. :yes:.