Not impressed!

  1. I just bought a small trolley suitcase from Goyard (the new style came out earleir this year) ...the case is nice and will be great for travelling, so far so good.

    However they dont supply the protective cloth cover bag that goes over the case should you want to check it in at the airport. They will however sell you the cover! My case cost €4000 and they want €1000 for the cloth cover bag! C'mon Goyard...they're premium but this comes across as a bit cheap. Louis Vuitton supply one automatically when you buy any of their suitcases..:sad:

    Arrghh rant over.
  2. lv gives you one for free with your trolley purchase

    so much more service at lv :3
  3. As far as i love Goyard. I have to agree with your comments though.. Goyard :tdown::tdown::tdown:
  4. Yes agree. They have attitude but sometimes lacking in CS.

    Whoa on the price for the cover. You could have custom made for less.