Not Impressed at Coach

  1. I was at the Coach store last night and saw the new line. I was not impressed. The lock on the new Legacy satchel does not go over the top of the purse so it is merely decorative, not functional. It doesn't look as rich as the old satchel. The Hamptons Signature Stripe and Signature Carryalls are stiff yet lightweight and feel just like cardboard - very cheap feeling. Also, they have a snap so they are supposed to be expandable, but if you expand the bag, you cannot close it! The Miranda satchel is very pretty, but absolutely HUGE and heavier than my 9 year old daughter! I did love the Hamptons suede carryall just as much in person as I did online...yum!
  2. I'm feeling the same much so that I have just ordered a Louis Vuitton :nuts:
  3. i feel the same way too. i've been in the coach store a couple times for the new lines, hoping something would catch my eye. but nothing. i've been wandering to the LV forum lately and have completely fallen in love with the epi line there. i'll always be loyal to coach because it's my first love. but i'm starting to cross over into other lines now. at the moment, coach is just not impressive to me, i agree.
  4. Me too, the bags aren't as nice and all the prices have gone up,,, go figure:confused1: For those prices I can get a Marc jacobs or LV, and those bags are nice.
  5. I totally agree! I love Coach, but the only 2 bags that I luv are very heavy and large (Miranda & Lily) so I've been studying the new Gucci bags. I find alot of the latest Coach bags not to have a young look to them...they definitely need some new hot creations. I hope that the mini Lily is amazing!
  6. I agree. I was a Coach girl for 4 years but the prices went up & the quality went down. I also haven't seen any bags that I like. Now I find myself buying LV & Gucci.
  7. I love the new line personally. :smile: But there have been times when a new line has came out and I just couldn't find anything to dazzle me (aka - the 07 spring/summer line).

    Well at least your wallet is happy. LOL
  8. i agree. i tried on some of the newer purses today and i didn`t really like them .. they sorta felt crunchy? soo i decided to get a burberry instead
  9. If coach is doing a red patent leather gallery tote, I will be very happy because I wanted one last year...but last year I was so underwhelmed that I bought 2 LV purses.
  10. I agree, i find myself wanting a LV purse more.
  11. I still think some of those bags are beautiful but I almost gasp at the prices of some of them! As others have said, for that price, I could get a LV....which won't be going to the outlet for half price just a few weeks after being on the shelves!!
  12. Sadly enough, I work at Coach but have not bought a Coach bag in months, just a wristlet not too long ago. I've been assimilated to the dark side... LV. :borg: :borg1:
  13. I'm not unimpressed at Coach, I like what I like that but that is always the case. Not a signature fan whether it's Coach or LV or any other. I know few share my opinion but I think in the reverse. For the cost of a coated canvas LV, I could get the top of the line Lily at Coach in a material I much prefer, leather. I can get in something more neutral, Whiskey, Camel, Black, etc. I don't have to feel like a label chaser in the mall where every third bag is LV and is rarely set off by their outfits. An LV bag can look expensive or cheap whereas, the nicest new Coach bags don't seem able to look bad. When I say the nicest, I do mean the Lily, the Miranda, that sort and if Coach has to raise the prices for that class of bag, while not thrilled, I will more likely pay that and love the rich detailing than feel manipulated by the perception that a bag is nicer because of it's association when it's really just coated canvas. :amuse:
  14. I am frustrated by the short shoulder strap. I very much like the shoulder bag this season as opposed to last season's, but they made the strap even shorter (I think)! A 13" strap just isn't enough to be comfortable over a winter coat. Yes, it will fit, but there isn't much wiggle room for comfort.

    I wax and wane in my love for LV. I just had (am currently having) a bad experience on eBay, and it just sours me to online shopping overall. But I have a trip to Chicago planned for October and I plan to shop at LV and all the department stores then!
  15. I agree with Gatsby. The LV thing never made sense to me. That much money for that tiny amount of're really just paying for a name. Though I have to say I adore the Speedy shape and have a feeling I'll have to go to the dark side one day and buy one.

    It's also interesting when people mention the price increase at Coach. I guess it seems silly to me because I've been recently frequenting the Chanel forum and have purchased a couple of those bags. Coach has increased their prices on older items what...$10 for the Legacy striped wristlet, and maybe $30 on a couple other items? Yes some of their new bags are more expensive, but it isn't an increase, it's just a new bag that costs more because of it's size and design. You want to talk about price increases, let's discuss Chanel increasing their prices on old products 3 times this year so far! And it isn't just $30 or $100 each time, it's multiple hundreds of dollars.

    So to me, Coach prices are nothing by comparison.

    But I have to say, I love it when Coach comes out with stuff I don't like. *L* It gives my bank account a sigh of relief and a break.