Not illegal to sell replica Coach

  1. I don't think that I would bother trying to sell it. Even if you do not say anywhere in your listing that it is a Coach bag, there could always be that one person that assumes it is authentic, bids and wins, gets the bag and then opens a dispute. Not that they would win (who knows), but is it really worth the hassle?
  2. Replica's are illegal to sell. Designer Inspired isn't. If the item says COACH and it's a fake, it's illegal. If not, it isn't.
  3. Make sure you get a different lawyer to get you out of jail when you get caught selling replica bags.
  4. :roflmfao: that was funny.

    Seriously, it is illegal to sell replica items, even if you state they are replicas. Desinger inspired, such as "Goach" bags, are not illegal.

    Sorry you got stuck with a fake!
  5. it is an IPR violation if it uses coach designs or logos. if it uses 'goach' as someone said, it could still be a violation, and i think it is, because it would fall under the 'confusingly similar' clause. there are a lot of IPR that it could fall under, and if the trademark owner wanted to pursue it, they'd probably have a leg to stand on. i'd just say to give it away to charity, as opposed to trying to make money back on a known replica/fake.
  6. You are not allowed to say on eBay that an Item is fake (or replica) - Sorry you're stuck with this bag though =(
  7. the only reason they aren't getting in trouble is no one is reporting them/pursuing it. if you wanted to call coach or LV or whatever trademark they are infringing on and report the mall kiosk seller, likely they will be stopped. the problem is, there are so many little mall booths, flea market sellers, street vendors, etc. that it is hard for the rightful trademark owner to pursue everything.
  8. Yep, this is 100% right.

    Whatever so called lawyer that told you it was not illegal must be smoking some of the good stuff :push:
  9. If the bag says coach on it and is made to look like a typical coach (u bought it thinking it was) then it is illegal! Trademark infringement.
  10. Depending on how long ago you purchased the bag you might still have the option of returning it to the original seller asking for a refund. If you paid via Paypal and are still within the required time-frame you can open a Paypal dispute stating that the item was not as described (ie, that is was described as a Coah bag, but is not). If it has been longer than the allotted time, you may still want to contact the seller and ask about returning the bag since it is a fake and selling fakes is against the law.

    I had this happen with a fake Chanel quite some time ago. First, the bag wasn't shipped for quite some time, so I filed a Paypal claim as not received. Just as the thirty day mark was reached the bag showed up and turned out to be a very poor fake. I tried to modify my Paypal claim from not received to not as described, and they wouldn't let me. I spoke with someone on the telephone from Paypal and he told me there was a flaw in the Paypal protection system that you could only file a claim for one reason and in situations like mine to go to eBay's buyer protection plan, which was still in place at the time, and which I did. Problem was, the buyer protection plan had a $35.00 processing fee. I got my money back, less shipping both ways and the $35.00, which amounted to almost $55.00. I contacted the seller and told her very plainly that selling counterfeit bags was illegal and that if she didn't refund the $55.00 I was still out that I was going to take her to small claims court, which I had every intention of doing. She paid the $55.00. She still came out on the good end because eBay, not the seller, refunded the purchase price (less the fees). She ended up a few hundred dollars ahead. I watched her buying/selling on and off for a year and she had several none paying negatives, then eventually the id was no longer registered. Funny, her name was Brandy, same as the scammer in OK, but this one was in TN.
  11. :goodpost:

    I believe in donating these bags to charity. I would write "replica" somewhere inside (unless it's a dark lining on which writing won't show) and give it away to a large charity. There are people who have nothing or lose everything who depend on donated items.
  12. ^That bag is clearly "designer inspired" due to all the Gs. Goach wristlet?