Not Hearing From Buyer

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  1. I put a bag on EBAY and my guidelines were very clear: Buyer must contact me w/in 24 hours of winning auction and if I don't receive PAYPAL payment w/in 48 hours I will relist. I have sent either 3 or 4 emails w/o a response. Tonight is the 48 hour deadline. I got a ton of questions on the bag and there is someone who would love a second chance offer. What are your thoughts? This person is a newbie with zero feedback.
  2. This is very simple. The buyer violated your auction terms, they do not get the bag and get a NPB strike. Plain and simple. Why would you be willing to bend on your stipulations as a seller? Especially seeing as the person is a rook with 0 feedback. Not a good sign, my friend! :nogood:
  3. songofthesea... please read the EBAY Unpaid Item Policy

    Ebay states that you can file an NPB after 4 days. They will then give the buyer another 4 days to pay.

    I believe that irregardless the terms of payment stated in your auction, you need to follow ebay's NPB process and terms prior to relisting your item or offering it to another bidder.
  4. As annoying as it is, you can not dictate when the buyer must pay. Ebay gives them 8 days to pay ( 4 for you to open a case and then another 4 days after the case is open ) If you relist or sell it 2nd chance offer you are going to create a big mess of a situation. It is best to wait it out and follow the rules.
  5. Sellers have to go by eBay's rules. You have to give the buyer as long as eBay says to pay, then go through their procedures, etc. Sellers can't say '48 hours to pay', 'no returns', etc. Well, they can SAY is but in the end they have to follow eBay rules.

  6. Agree here..move on to your next buyer..


  7. An after thought, this is the best thing in the long run to do..

    follow the rules of ebay like it or not.. it is very frustrating when

    you state in your auction how you like to get paid, send an invoice and

    then no response.. Have you tried contacting the buyer

    by phone???
  8. I know its frustrating but I agree with others. Better to solve the problem first, then send a second chance or relist it.
    I think mentioning timeframe of payment and return policy might not mean much when it comes to dispute/claim, but I think it's important to let prospective buyers know what seller's expectations are. And I still believe that most of Buyers are good buyers and they understand prior to bidding.
  9. i finally heard from the buyer...there was a language barrier and she contacted me today...i was very happy to hear from her and i've packaged up the bag to ship...i guess i was just feeling tense about it because i've had a LOT of probs with buyers...i state my terms very clearly about wanting to hear from the buyer w/in 24 hours of auction ending and paypal payment w/in 48 hours....i also state that i ship via, it gets upsetting to me when an auction ends and then i start getting all sorts of emails about "will you ship to a foreign country" (i state very clearly that i don't ship overseas) or "can you just ship USPS for me"...and i feel badly but i wish these questions were asked PRIOR to the person winning the auction!
    does that make sense...?
  10. Hi. Glad to hear that the buyer wants to pay. That must be a load off your mind. To me the language barrier explains a lot. I have often delayed when I can't find the words to say exactly what I want to do ( I work in my second language everyday and I am still having to try very hard to be articulate - mind you I do say some pretty amusing stuff when I get it wrong). eBay is pretty intuitive, mostly clicking, but sometimes writing is hard to do if their first language is not English.

    If you don't want to ship overseas in future, please use the link below and follow the steps to set up your buyer conditions. In addition to screening out non-payers (most of them anyway), you can also use the steps to screen out which countries you don't want to ship to for all your auctions in one process.

    Hope your sale works out well and here's the link.
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