Not happy with soho flap shoulder bag...

  1. I purchased the soho flap shoulder bag - it has slightly rounded corners and beautiful stitching and button snap closure. I've used this bag a total of 3 times and I find it really uncomfortable and annoying to use. The bag doesn't always snap shut and all I have is asmall cosmetics bag, medium wallet and keys! When I take my wallet ou, it always feels like all my stuff is going tofall out. It's beautiful but I don't like it. Does anyone have this bag and feel this way or is it just me?
  2. i love the look of this bag, but i always double check is snapped shut. can b a bit of a pita to use when u r getting ur wallet or something in and out a lot. i find i have to pack it carefully.
  3. I had that bag for a total of two days. It's VERY cute but WAY too small for me.
  4. I've noticed this too. Love the look of it, it just takes forever to get my keys in it after leaving the car. Makes my man mad that he's waiting for me to snap my purse :smile:
  5. I try to steer as far away from snap closures as I can for this very reason. they are very hard to get in and out of. :sad:
  6. The tag is still on mine :p Haven't gotten a chance to use it yet... but I will in 2 weeks. I really like the look of it and I don't carry that much, so I guess it'll be okay for me. But if you don't like it, just carry it for special occasions / errands, etc. Or exchange it for something else!