not happy with my newly arrived apple green classique

  1. so i won an apple green classique from lvlady, and i just got it today. however, it is a little more used than i thought it was going to be. what should i do? i really like the color, but in some parts, the leather split and she definately did not say that in the original auction.

    will post pics in a bit.
  2. ohh can't wait to see pictures... congrats!
  3. i've heard several times from several buyers that lvlady seems to not accurately write the condition of her bags. I remember reading about it just last week that a PFer received a bag from lvlady, however it was really worn in..can't remember who it is though.

    Anyways can't wait to see the pics!
  4. okay... here is the pics. please tell me i am not exaggerating.....
  5. there are also other scuffing, that i dont really mind... i also dont mind split tassle. but i cannot stand split leather (peeled leather)
  6. that bag looks great from your pics, maybe they just don't convey the wear you're speaking of.
  7. i cannot capture how bad the leather has peeled on the last pic.
  8. i should also say... in the second pic, on the handles, the part that i circled is where the leather has split....
  9. It doesn't look that bad to me. But I am not the one that has to live with it.
  10. hmm, me_love_purse the bag really doesn't look that bad but if you really don't like it and can't look past the small flaws, then you should return it. You should be happy with your purchase and if your not...the answer is simple...return it! ;) :flowers:
  11. ^^ as Sunshine said... if you really aren't happy with it return it!!... won't feel as bad, right?

    But I think it's pretty good... it's beautiful!! let us know what your going to do!!:girlsigh:
  12. your pics of the wear really isn't that bad, but i understand feeling like you are getting a more "worn" bag than expected.
    i would get in touch with the seller about your concerns. it sounds like she has a past of being reliable and offering refunds if that is what you want. i'm sure she would work with you on maybe a partial discount?
  13. Honestly, it looks pretty good to me. Compared to the caramel that my Mom got it looks great. I had just gotten up the nerve to buy on ebay but after all the recent disappointments, I am avoiding ebay for now unless it is someone for here that listed it. Just too darn risky for me.
  14. first of all, it is not small flaw.....
    i have bought used bbags with dark handles, split tassle and even scuffs. but split leather...??? i dont even know if you can fix it. maybe artbag can, but it prob takes a while.
    either way... i have emailed the seller and she replied back....
    so i guess, problem solved... hopefully.....
  15. The pics you have shown are where the edge glue has either worn showing the raw cut leather or was not thick enough to begin with. This edge glue has been a bit of an issue for me with Bbags.:s

    I'm sure you will be able to work this out with the seller...:yes: