Not happy with my first 2 Jimmy choo purchased from Saks

  1. I received my first 2 jimmy choo bags in the mail today and i'm not so happy about it. My Burgandy JC Ramona's handle looks weird, the stich is kind of messed up. I'm not sure if this is normal though, can somebody please tell me if this is how its supposed to be? I waited so long to get this bag on sale and now I got it, its not so nice:crybaby::sad:

    The second one is my JC Marcia in brown. I also got it on sale and I regret purchasing the brown color because it looks old to me. I was trying to find the black one on sale but I couldn't find it so I was forced to purchase the brown. I really love this bag but I just don't like the color brown. :sad:Would you girls happen to know if there still Marcia black leather on sale? Please please help..
    IMG_3964 (2).JPG IMG_3966 (2).JPG IMG_3959 (2).JPG IMG_3960 (2).JPG IMG_3962 (2).JPG