......Not Happy with LV......

  1. I just picked up my groom cles last Thur. Today, on closer inspection, I realized the zipper pull is tarnished on one side. I picked this cles over the first one the SA showed me because the metallic keychain part looked bumpy when it should be smooth. It bothers me but I dread taking it back, what a pain. I don't know if I should exchange it at another LV store or take it back to my SA. I don't want her to think I am being too picky, although I think I should be picky. For the amount of money we are spending, you'll think LV would have better quality control. :sad:
  2. That sucks! Don't worry about looking picky! Spending this amount for items entitles us to be picky. Who would want a brand new item that looks tarnished? She should be all apologies to you!! Good luck with returning it.
  3. Anything that's brass can tarnish so it will happen to some degree anyway.
  4. That is too bad...I hope that they are able to give you a happy outcome!
  5. Why would you even consider keeping it?

    If it's not perfection....take it back.
  6. you should DEFINATELY return it!! Good Luck!
  7. Try exchange it, it's your money..don't worry about what SA thinks..
  8. Yeah, I agree, you should exchange it. I'm sure the SA will understand if it is tarnished.
  9. Definitely take it back for an exchange! And don't worry about being picky! If people can exchange cheap clothing if they don't like it, then you definitely can exchange something that you've paid hundreds for! LV you buy from the store should be PERFECT.
  10. Thats terrible! You pay so much for it you deserve a perfect item! I completely understand how you feel about being picky though as I have been there. =P I say bring it back, it will jsut keep bothering you more and more and in my experience it was worth seeming picky to get something you are 100% satisfied with. Bring a friend, it makes the experience much nicer in that you don't feel as picky and there are another pair of eyes to help you look out for flaws you can easily overlook under the pressure of a hawk-eyed SA waiting and watching you. when I was in this situation one of my friends was so kind to take time out of her work day to go with me. And she's the type with a very careful eye and spots anything as small as it might be so with her help I was able to get a perfect item. I hope all goes well for you.
  11. take it back & get what you want!
  12. Agree with everyone, take it back.
    I bought the groom agenda and found one the thread near the rings is loose. I took it back and demand a totally brand new one. I'm picky I have to admit, but the agenda aint cheap!
  13. agree, bring it back and get a brand new piece.

  14. I totally agree:flowers:
  15. Take it back and exchange it!