NOT Happy with Cricket

  1. I received an e-mail today from Cricket Liverpool saying that they were cancelling my order and refunding my money because the bronze City bag was not available. I placed the order Tuesday morning. Then I read that another PF member CALLED in her order yesterday -- a DAY after I placed AND PAID FOR mine -- and got the last bag they had! :evil: So they totally screwed me over. And now I will not be able to find a bronze City, since they are previous season and no other places seem to have them.

    I am in the market for a City in spring colors from the U.S. or a PF member now...and really mad at Cricket. They confirmed my order and everything, then sold it out from under me.:evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. oh nooo..... That totally sucks!! They shouldn't be allowed to do that!! Especially not after they charge your cc and all!! Hang in there ET, hopefully your bag will find its way to you soon *hugs*
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that. :\ But who knows, maybe you'll find an even better deal soon!
  4. Thanks. :biggrin: I am opening up my search for a City in a more "spring-like" color since the bronze cannot be had. If anyone is thinking of parting with a City, please PM me!
  5. Oh,
    I am so sorry to hear that. I will NEVER reccommend cricket again! I keep hearing bad story after bad. I will so keep a look out for you on you bronze city. This really sucks!!!
  6. I plan on visiting Gretta Luxe in Wellesley, MA this weekend. Last I remember, the S/A's indicated that they still had the Bronze Metallic (I don't remember if it was a First or City). Either way, I'll let you know ... okay?
  7. I wish I could find a teal or turquoise City! And no pretty light blues for fall...
  8. Oh,
    forgot to ask which colors are you looking for, I'll try to help you find them. I'm finding that slowly but surely Im getting some really cool connections.
  9. Thanks CeeJay! Or PM me the number and I will call and order over the phone if they have it!
  10. So sorry to hear that ET! I know how much you wanted that color! I am sure one will turn up! Good luck with your search! I will keep my eyes out for you as well!
  11. Oh no! That's so annoying! I really hope you find your bag soon ETenebris!
  12. I can totoally relate. I emailed them and got a response this past Monday. They said they would hold one for me as long as I placed the order right away. I did, I sent them my credit card information and have not heard from them since! I've emailed them three times to find out whats going on and have heard nothing!! They suck :evil:
  13. There is a small boutique near me that carries Balenciaga. I am not sure what they have in stock but it may be worth a call. The place is called Shirise and the number is 847.835.2595. The website that comes up when you google them is not their site. They are working on getting one up.
  14. I saw some Lilac city on ebay. ^__^
  15. if ever I decide to part w/ my teal city I will let you know first;)