Not happy w/ new Denim Pouch going to exchange...

  1. Here are pics of my new denim flat pouch from eLuxury. It's cute, but too small for me to carry my things. The buckle is hard to take on and off as well. I'm returning the denim flat pouch and the MC wapity case (not pictured). Again they're all too small for me. I'm planning to exchange for one of these bags. (listed below) Which is a good choice? Please help, opinions needed and suggestions wanted. Thanks! :smile:
    denim 1.jpg denim 2.jpg
  2. Here are some of my choices:
    Michael Michael Kors burnt orange
    Michael Michael Kors flat tote
    Marc Jacobs Laminiated Logo Faridah
    Dior pochette
  3. I really like the Dior Pochette.
    I have wanted it for awhile!
    Sorry to hear your LV items where to small for you!
  4. That Dior Pochette is sooooo cute! I'd get that!
  5. I'm sorry, I just don't like any of those bags. I love LV so much, I feel like I have blinders on sometimes, kwim? Sorry your pouch and wapity didn't suit you, but I would get an LV handbag instead.
  6. yeah I know what you mean, I'm a LV fan too, should I purchase a antigua MM in red? It's about the same price if I return the wapity and denim flat pouch.
  7. I don't want to sound rude, but I don't like any of those bags. Do you have to decide right away or can you give it some thought? Why not purchase an LV bag?
  8. Get the Antigua.
  9. Yeah, I think I'm going to go for another LV bag. :heart: Somehow those bags are around the same price of the denim flat pouch and I have a hard time deciding which LV bag to get. I think I'm going for the antigua cabas MM in red, not too many people carry that bag.
  10. Red antigua cabas MM :tup:
  11. I like the Dior pochette!
  12. Ooo I like the Dior!!!!