Not happy w/ my LV BOULOGNE 30

  1. I bought this off ebay, reccomended seller and I am extremely unhappy with it. Specifally the zipper is VERY wavy and very hard to use.

    This is how it sits, unzipped.


    I expected it to look more like this:


    Opinions??? Advice???

    Thanks for any help:smile:
  2. well, it looks like the zipper's meant to scoop downwards a bit, did you try pushing it in to see if the waves go away when you apply some tension in the right places?
  3. yep, it is still wavy when I push it down and as soon as you move it (like put it over your shoulder) it pops back up. :sad:
  4. That doesnt look right..take it to LV to be fixed!
  5. Something's definitely not right....I also suggest taking it to LV.
  6. i would take it to lv, but let me say this...what do you have in there?? because my duomo and popincourt get wavy like that depending on what and how much i'm carrying, or where something is positioned in the bag. and then when i remove/adjust the item it goes back to normal. matter of fact, I remember this happening on Saturday...
  7. That wavy zipper also happen with alma sometime (depends on what inside).Take it to store, see what they think about it. Good luck
  8. Poor thing! What a disappointment! I would definitely take it back to LV and find one that doesn't do that!
  9. When I took the picture is was just keys (5) and 2 cell phones. So hardly anything.
  10. So if I take it to the store will they do anything for me since I bought it off ebay and don't have a receipt?
  11. oh well should definitely take it in to LV. But don't tell 'em you bought it on eBay!!
  12. I had the exact same problem with my Boulogne! I love the bag -- hate the way it zips. I took mine into LV and they told me that is the way the bag is and that it will "smooth out" with more use -- or something to that effect.

    The SA did tell me that the newer bags are being made with a more pliable canvas. My Pop Haut has that new canvas. Although it doesn't really make a difference on the Pop Haut -- I can definitely see where the new canvas would be great on the Boulogne!

    Is that bag new -- like in the last year? Or is it a few years old?
  13. Did you action pictures show it zipped like that? If not contact the seller and askfor a partial refund since she failed to mention the crappy zipper.
  14. I agree. I wouldn't tell them you purchased it from ebay - I've heard they somethings turn up their noses regarding ebay. Silly but I've heard that.

    Blackbutterfly - let me just say I love when you post b/c I get to swoon over your avitar. ............Still in love with The Rock:love: :love: :love:
  15. I believe this is a very common problem w/ the Alma and the Boulogne. The zipper tends to get wavy. If the auction shows the bag w/ the wavy zipper, then the next step would be to take it to LV for repair. Goodluck!