Not happy - attn Annie owners

  1. I am not happy with the quality of the black Annie I bought from the Mulberry Xmas sale. The plastic coating bit that covers the edges on the handles and pockets is peeling off and looks awful. I've got other Mulberry bags with the same edging and this hasn't happened before. I am going to email Mulberry to express my displeasure, but I wondered if anyone else had experienced this problem?
  2. Grr, I can't access the Mulberry site at work. Would someone please be able to give me the email address for Customer Services?
  3. Sorry hun I can't access the site from work either.
  4. here it is agirlinwinter...

    Good luck
  5. Thanks Flossie.
  6. Sorry to hear your bad news- mine is still fine at the mo, but just off to double check!!
  7. I've got this reply from Mulberry:

    Thank you for your email.

    I am sorry to read that this has happened.

    I have spoken with the repairs department and they have asked if it possible for you to return the bag to us, either direct to the repairs department or if you have a local store or stockiest they can return it to the repairs department on your behalf.

    If you would like to return the bag to the repairs department, their address is as follows:

    The Repairs Department
    Mendip Avenue
    Shepton Mallet
    BA4 4PE.

    Tel No: 01749 347962.

    Once they receive the bag back they will assess the bag and contact you.

    Please accept our apologies and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.
  8. That was super fast!!!
  9. Oh no :sad: Sorry to hear about the bag. At least their reply sounds promising. I wonder if they can repair, or will maybe just exchange? I must admit my choc is still fine (crosses all fingers and toes). I wonder if it's just a rogue bag, or a common fault with the black? I must admit when I was deliberating at Xmas, the black one I nearly bought seemed to have very obvious edges - the plastic coating seemed to stand out from the leather much more than on one my chocolate one IYKWIM?
  10. My Roxanne does this on one pocket. The bit that edges the leather has peeled a bit and I have to say I was upset when it happened. You really cannot tell and I think it might be inevitable sometimes. If they are offering to repair it, do it if you feel uncomfortable.

    I have not really been too worried about it because I think my Roxy looks a bit battered anyway, which is how I like her. When she was newish though I was a bit peeved.
  11. If it was just on a pocket, I would put up with it, but it's all along one of the top handles and it looks awful. I don't mind Mulberry bags looking a bit battered, but I don't think it's right that things are coming apart after only two months.
  12. I do know what you mean. When the peeling comes off it looks a bit (dare I say) cheap. Not how you want a bag that costs hundreds of pounds to look, is it?

    Have them take a look at it. If you are very unhappy, then see what else they can do.
  13. Send it in in for repair/exchange. Don't put up with it!
  14. This happened to my neighbour the edges of the bag are all peeled away....I just presumed the bag was a fake, I don't know her well.
  15. That is why I was so :tdown: when my Roxanne peeled a bit.

    My bag is certainly no fake, I think it must just happen sometimes. It was only a small bit on my bag though.