Not handbag related but Chanel related! My new Chanel suit!

  1. I had a bit of a surprise this morning!

    I went to the post office to collect a parcel today. It's a three piece Chanel suit (brand new) from s/s 2006 that I bought relatively cheaply from eBay ($700...). Before I put down a bid, I did a bit of research about the suit but found nothing. It's not a runway piece so unless I had the complete set of lookbooks, I would not be able to verify its authenticity until I received it. I have also not seen the suit before in the boutiques and the design of the suit somehow looks a bit too modern for Chanel. The pictures posted by the seller did not scream "fake" to me. When I asked for a picture of the inside of the jacket, one was quickly put up and I could see the chain. The seller has more than 1,000 feedbacks and appears to have sold countless Chanel items (both new and pre-owned). Besides the above, I was also unsure about the size of the skirt: I am generally a size 34 but sometimes size 34 skirt is too small for me. (I have a big bum! :p)

    So with all the concern, I still went ahead with the purchase. :sweatdrop: I thought I could always ask for a refund if it's fake, right?

    After I got home, I immediately opened the parcel. The suit was carefully wrapped in tissue paper by the seller. Then I smelt the smell that goes with all Chanel clothing... So at least, I thought, the suit might be a real deal. When I unfolded the jacket, my heart went to the floor as I thought, this was too small for me! I went to the bedroom and tried on everything. To my surprise, the jacket and the SKIRT both fitted me!!!

    Then I did some research again. As no one has the 2006 clothes lookbooks online, I looked at some fabric binder and lord and behold, I found a page with some fabric that looks like the fabric of my jacket and (!!!) it has the same code as the code on the tag of my jacket!!:yahoo: So the whole thing is real!!

    So now I am a very happy owner of another beautiful Chanel suit! Can't wait to wear it to work when spring comes!

    Here are the pics of the jacket - the outer part can be removed so that the jacket becomes a sleeveless one!
    Ebay 2006 SS Jacket a.jpg Ebay 2006 SS Jacket 2a.jpg
  2. Wow! What a great purchase! Stuff that, what an unbelievable find!!

    Modelling pics! modelling pics! :hysteric:
  3. Great so glad it worked out for you and most importantly, that it fits. I'm so scared to buy RTW without trying it on first so....congraulations. I would also like to see a modelling pic...please!
  4. Congrats. Even if it was a tad too small or too large, it can be altered to fit!
    Would love to see it modeled as it looks super fine!
  5. [​IMG]


    Love ur new chanel suit! It's fabulous...Congrats, wuld love to see your modeling pics:love:
  6. nice- great deal you got...
  7. Beautiful suit! Congrats on a great find!
  8. gorgeous, gorgeous jacket and vest, you will wear this for years and years to come!
  9. It's so pretty and I am glad it fits!! Enjoy!
  10. What an amazing deal! Congrats! Would you post some modeling pics?
  11. wow, what an amazing deal, congrats! Modelling pics please!
  12. congrats on such a deal!grey is one of my fave colours in clothes!
    BTW congrats on your pink flap too !it's so beautiful!
  13. Wow! That is a beautiful blazer/vest!! What a great deal!! How versatile! Definitely post modeling pics!!
  14. very nice! ~ a grey re~issue is now an absolute must! ~ lol! ~:okay:
  15. that's a fabulous find, miffy! congrats! i think it's absolutely classy and a little bit edgy at the same time too and i can definitely imagine the sleeveless version of the top going well with your new belt. :yes: