Not Hand Made


Apr 25, 2010
I once spoke to the operation manager here in australia.
he told me that louis vuitton product is handmade and they are not "stamped" like fossil (always the scapegoat of LV staff. LOL!). the SA also very often beamed of pride and tells a romantic story how the product is made. which i usually either ignore or pointed out that is how its actually done everywhere.

Its not just LV problem of course. most high end boutique and store that i go to always says something similar. some of my friends also accepted the goods with a defect because they claimed that it is hand made. even though its not.

whats the deal?

how can LV claimed that their product "flaw" is because they are hand-made. when in fact its not hand made. and other low end brand can do it better when in fact they are using similar technique.

googling LV and handmade results in this:

i've been to a few textile/clothing factory. in the low-end, mid-end of the market. i have never seen anything that is stamped to produce. most of them are cut by hand (using machine or scissors) and stitch by machine mostly.

the high end one is usually cut by laser. while producing very high quality piece, i understand that this can produce pieces that is a bit sterile.

to clarify; the one that can claimed to be handmade needs to be hand-cut and hand sewn.

this is a shame. because LV do produce some nice looking pieces and they do seems to have more manufacturing process to achieve good finish. its just that there is overwhelming evidence that the process is rushed and no care is given.

if that was done in an outsourced country such as india, china, etc. then it surely wouldn't pass quality control, and the worker needs to redo their work. i'm not suggesting that lv should outsource their manufacturing to asia of course. but do they even have a QC staff in their factory?

anyone feels the same way?

if people are accepting the flaw that these company produces. then the quality can only go down.


Apr 25, 2010
I don't think not being entirely hand made is a bad thing, LV makes so many of each item they could even be more perfect without much variation.

There was a thread here two years ago about this article

i agree. what i was trying to say is that the people that worked at LV (eg. SA) and the general population, believes that LV and is hand-made, whilst other is "stamped".

thanks for that link. i was looking for something like that :smile:


Jul 14, 2012
So far I have been pretty lucky with my bags as far as quality but I am really nervous with all the threads going on about declining quality. I have also read threads about horrible customer service at boutiques and have it happen to me. I also have had some difficulty getting answers at the 866 number. It almost seems like they are giving me the privilege of buying the bag and they do not need to worry about customer service. I truly have had better customer service at where I buy my jeans and get dinner. They always greet me by name but I have been to the same LV boutique 4 times in the last 3 months and I rarely even get a hello.


Jan 2, 2012
If everything is handmade and hand sewn then we cannot enjoy the very precise cut of the perforation design on Mahina leather using high technology. Mix and match is good ie hand sewn, machine sewn, combination of technology etc to produce something.

Remember few years ago Toyoto and Lexus having problem with their cars? Toyota is well known by the QC and QA but things happened.

Back to topic, I am not a person who likes to generalise situation unless all statistic is correctly report. There are many thread complaint about the decline of quality but it is because those who has no issue with their LV didn't post a thread saying "hey my ___ has no problem". Anyway do take note that most LVoers came back with post either they get new bag/free repair under warranty period.

And not just LV, every premium brand I went will praise their own brand and make unknowledgeable comment about their competitors. I went to this one brand and since I was carrying my Bloomsbury (very good in shopping spree activity) SAs on that boutique said "LV bag is made from canvas, but our bag is calf leather and LV don't offer free repair" What??!
:huh: The best comment is no comment at all if we don't have all correct facts.