Not going to Tahiti...

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  1. just wanted to share this cute invite i got in the mail yesterday...



    is anyone elses store having a tahitiennes party? i wish i could go. i'm actually wondering what they have planned for it since the tahitiennes line already launched.

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  2. what a cute invitation!! if they are they havent invited me :sad:
  3. That is a cute invite, it's a shame that you can't make it!
  4. What a cute invitation!
  5. I like the colors of the invite. So soft and pretty.
  6. Love the invitation, Caley!! Too bad you're unable to attend, but you already know you're going to get the beige Tahitiennes PM soon. You'll just be missing all the delicious finger foods and heavenly desserts!
  7. Oh to bad you cant go, it sounds so cute and darling!
  8. That's so cute!
  9. Adorable invitation - a shame you can't go.
  10. Nice card! That's a shame you can't go...:sad:
  11. You can't stop by for 10 minutes????:graucho::drool:
  12. That's such a cute invitation!
  13. Cute invite!
  14. LVoely!!!
  15. Caley this is such a cute invite, thanks for sharing! Bummer it isn't the same day as the VVN launch, that would be perfect!