Not going to SF today, too busy and lazy :(

  1. I am so busy getting ready for vacation, hockey etc, I just don't have time to drive to 'the city'. I have time to make a trip to valley fair, of course ;)...I just don't want drive the hour plus trip (each way). Ya, know?

    Anyway, those who are going have a good time, we want a full report!

    Anyone in the area who wanted to go but didn't get an invite, PM me....I can still call and rsvp, if you want to take my place ;)
  2. twinkle... Oh you have to keep me up to date with all the new things happening in the bay area... :yes: :yes: :crybaby:
  3. Have fun everyone!!! I'm too lazy to go today too...and still ticked off about the cocktail party uninvite. :P
  4. LV in SF is closed until Saturday! I know bc I made the drive yesterday.:cursing:
  5. Will do twink!! I'll be leaving for the city later this afternoon...and I'll try to take pics! :yahoo:
  6. WTH??!?! :cursing:

    I just got a call from 866vuitton telling me that "unfortunately they cannot accomodate" me because they "have reached their full capacity for the event three days ago" I RSVP'd MORE than three days in advance!!!!!!

    This and what happened to Heather is turning me off SF LV BIG TIME.
  7. that is messed up, I am so sorry to hear that, may I ask what happened to heather?:sad:
  8. Jenny, did you RSVP for the cocktail reception or the day event?

    I never bothered to RSVP for either event after I found out the invite was actually sent to my mom, who placed it on my desk after she opened it :cursing: Of course, I should've realized that from the start because she buys/pays more than I do...but I thought I was special too since I started paying for my own stuff! :crybaby:
  9. Her SA RSVP'd her for the cocktail event and then later cancelled it because she wasn't aware Heather didnt get an invite. :cursing: Gee, they really think they're something over there!

    Have fun later!!! And i hope you pick up that reissue even though it isnt for you :graucho:
  10. Oh no. That's really awful. They called me to RSVP on Monday-which I thought was odd since I don't even shop at the SF store.:shrugs:

    I hope to see some of you ladies there. I will be wearing a purple and black Fendi dress circa 2002 and my Trompe L'Oeil Pochette! If you see me please say hello! :smile:
  11. It was for the day event, my invite didnt come with the cocktail one.

    Your mom is soo cute!! But that sucks that they didnt send you an invite, maybe they're being.... age-ist (not that that is even a word :shame: ). Is your mom going?
  12. Your outfit sounds GORGEOUS Michelle!! Have fun!
  13. oh my goodness, that is terrible...I hope we get the reissue too! that would be awsome just knowing someone that has one! at least I'll get all my azur items today though!:P
  14. sounds pretty michelle!
  15. Nope, she doesn't want to make the drive to San Francisco. It might be an age thing, but she doesn't see the excitement in going to an LV event :shrugs: She just doesn't have the passion like we do!

    Michelle, hope you have a great time at the party! I can't wait to hear about it when you get back :wlae: