NOT Full of Joy Over New Neverfull . . . HELP!

  1. I gave in to the Neverfull mania and purchased the GM. It was sent from one of my favorite stores and I'm not sure if I should be concerned about it. Help!!!:sad:

    From much LV experience, I know that the Mono canvas doesn't always align in all aspects of every piece.

    After all, the pattern is set and the size of items vary, sometimes making it possible for an uncanny match between the Mono elements . . . whether bags or small leather goods are open or closed. Just look at the front of Mono agendas . . . the small size allows perfect alignment of the closure over the cover, but the medium size does not.:smile:

    My new Neverfull:

    The Mono pattern aligns front to back at the side seam (where the pull-to-adjust leather tie hangs) --- but --- on the other side (where the other pull-to-adjust leather tie hangs) the Mono pattern on the front of the bag doesn't align with the Mono pattern on the back.

    Is this an quirk of the shape and size (GM) or a problem?:confused1:

    Even though I'm only using this to carry papers and reports around my home office, I am a perfectionist.:crybaby:

  2. Do you have pics?
  3. Ahhh... I was looking at the Neverfull. How does it function as a bag for a man? Furthermore, have you considered the Damier instead of Monogram?
  4. No pics, but I will take them for sure. I'm afraid that someone will think it is a faux piece.

    As for a man's bag? I am using it in my home to carry reports from one room in my home office to another. I prefer my Damier and Vuitton Cup bags for wear when going somewhere.
  5. i bought a neverfull gm last week. after reading about the misaligment problem with the neverfull gm here in the forums, i was sure to check mine first before purchasing it. this alignment problem with the neverfull seem quite an unfortunate norm... i will try to upload some pics for you to see when i get the chance..
  6. Trying to upload pics...
  7. I can't see your pix, but please tell me. Does it align on one side and not the other? I am so upset.
  8. [​IMG]


    Here are the pics for my neverfull gm.. The alignment is not that bad. How about yours? Similar to mine?
  9. I would return it. No sense in keeping a piece that isn't to your liking. Buy something different :yes:
  10. u cant see? i can see the pics.... hmmmm.... :confused1:
  11. I can't see the pictures either...
  12. I too would return it.

    Also, why care what a random stranger thinks of your bag? Just as long as YOU know it's real, that's all that matters!
  13. I would return it if it really bothers you. If you keep it, you will continually focus on that flaw whenever you look at it. I have a feeling that the slight misalignment might be a result of the shape of the bag. I am not too worried about myself. Heck, my mono cles doesn't line up perfectly either.