Not found? Help!

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  1. On saturday, I ordered a Juicy Couture tote from Saks online store. When I tried to check the shipping status from the tracking number they gave me, Fedex shows 'not found'. I'm a bit worried that something went wrong. Is there? Help!
  2. Check to see if you entered the number wrong.....simple, I know....but I did that once and almost had a heart attack after thinking my package disappeared. Maybe with no dashes...or with......
  3. I actually clicked on the tracking number from their receipt that leads to the fedex site and its not found. I even typed it in the tracking number into fedex and it says not found.
  4. If not enough time has passed between when they sent you the tracking number and when you check to see the status of the package, sometimes it isn't in the system yet.
  5. I think this is what happened. The tracking number works now and the shipping status just now shows that it just shipped. Compared to my mom's order from Saks today, it feels so slow. Then again, hers is on the free rush shipping and mine is on standard. Now to wonder, why did the package just now ship when it was ordered Saturday?