***Not For The Squeamish** Halloween

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  1. Would You Like To Take A Bite? :upsidedown:

    Crazy people just do crazy things. Do you really feel like taking a bite of these grotesque cakes? The cake shown in the first picture looks so blood-spattered that I don’t think anyone will ever think of eating it.

    Via: Knuttz
  2. Omg, the arm looks AWESOME! I wish there were instructions attached!
  3. What great cakes for a Halloween party.

    I love Halloween. The creepier...the better.
  4. augh..creepy! last halloween, our local newspaper ran the recipie for the first cake...it was really long and complicated. the last two cakes, the rats or whatever, those are pretty freaky!
  5. Wow, creepy. Cool cakes for Halloween, though
  6. my thoughts: creepy, amazingly crafted, but i would love to be at a party where they served that kind of food because i bet everything else would be just as spectacular!
  7. OMG I have to find out how to make those..
  8. I had a coworker that used to make cakes like that! lol. they were great at a party!
  9. Cool!!
  10. Wow! Those are amazing, though gross. LOL I don't think I could force myself to eat a piece of that cake. :throwup: Nope, no way.
  11. It IS creepy! Maybe if the cake were cut up or something but to see it whole like that is just NOT appetizing.