Not for the faint hearted...are these prices for real??

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  1. note that this sellers aren't greedy, they could be asking for 600!
  2. And the seller of the swan prince is offering free shipping! Very generous!
  3. Wow two of my HG's for only $1200. I'll give hubby my Valentine's list. That'll make his day. Forget the roses and candy!
  4. :faint::lolots:

  5. LOL Let us know how that goes!
  6. dolllover if he is feeling generous you might want to add the chocolate heart box charm! after all it is a valentine's day charm!
  7. He'd be feeling generous all right. With divorce papers. :lol:
  8. #12 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010
    this is my HG of HGs but not at that price and with one pic only...(although the seller reckons it is a bargain!) it has been floating on ebay for quite a while now:
    she also has a bargain on the white pegasus:
    and to make it three, the cocktail shaker:
    dolllover,all together this comes at half the price of your HGs!