not fell in love with MC heart anymore

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  1. I ve MC heart and 1 pomme heart.

    I never use both..
    But i want t keep the pommes to use with my azur.

    U think.. i should for for eBay.... :yes:

    It is new condition...
    I think i dnt want.. anymore.
  2. Not so sure what your asking.

    If you dont use them and feel that they would best in another home, then go for it on eBay, if no then have a think about it.:shrugs::shrugs:
  3. If you don't want it, sell it.
  4. ^I agree. :yes:
  5. we don't allow people to advertise their eBay items here.
  6. Thxs everyone
  7. No prob.
  8. i'll be looking out for your listings. :smile:
  9. no one is allowed to post their eBay user ID or auctions here!
  10. Thank you and good luck with your auctions.
  11. Good luck w/ the auctions! I'll be looking for them!!!:p
  12. yeah, good luck, you sell lovely pieces. :yes:
  13. pretty, good luck
  14. MODS, is this allowed? posting your ebay ID here and letting everyone know what you are going to be selling? Just want to know, thanks.

    PS, good luck for the original poster on selling..
  15. Good Luck with selling .. the MC heart is so cute :heart:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.