Not feeling the Lvoe from my local store


Nov 23, 2006
First off, if this is posted in the wrong place, please let me know and sorry!

I have been a loyal client to my local store for over 7 years. I have consistently purchased lots of bags (mostly exotic) and ready to wear from almost every season. My spend at LV is with the same SA and same store - it is a very high dollar amount. Over the last year or 2, I feel no special treatment or invites to anything. I was previously invited to a show in Paris many years ago but nothing within the last 5 years. I do genuinely enjoy the bags and rtw but part of purchasing is the perk of going to shows and events. I have vaguely brought it up before but nothing was ever done.

Now more recently, I am having a problem with an exotic bag that was purchased in France pre-COVID. I purchased it with the intent that I would pick it up in March but did not end up going because of COVID. The person I worked with at the Champs-Elysse store is no longer working there and I have not been able to get in contact with the store. Apparently, the store refunded the bag but I never received a refund for what I paid. SO now I am out of the bag and the money until they fix it. My SA here in the US has been super helpful and I understand there is only so much he can do because of corporate. The store has been in contact with corporate but no response or answer yet. In all honesty, I do feel corporate could do more to help a customer with a long standing VVIP relationship but who knows if they really care.

Any recommendations regarding addressing the issue with the store in regards to both situations? Or should I just give up and stop giving them my business because I don't feel like a valued client. TIA for hearing my rant! ❤
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Apr 6, 2008
I feel your pain! I also feel like my local store does not value me at all. I always waited until they had the item I wanted in stock. But when I contact them, I get the feeling like they just don't want to help me. So, now I just purchase at different stores. If they have the bag in stock, then I get it there. It is so sad.
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Jun 28, 2011
My local store is exactly the same. I can't keep an SA for more than 6 months. It's a revolving door of staff and I've ended up explaining my tastes and collection several times, which is exhausting.
I found a great SA at another store (Texas, but I'm in Oregon) and I contact them with orders as they can always get what I want. If I want to see something before I purchase it, I view it at the local store (if they have it - my other complaint with the local store is their inventory is very, very limited), then contact my Texas SA for the order.
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Jul 28, 2020
I don't have a store in my state. I have to drive about 1.5 hours. The SA I've dealt with there I feel is hot and cold, can be rude. The last time I experienced it (in July) I hopped back in the car and drove another half hour to another store. I had to wait about an hour outside and found someone so nice once I got in. It's such a shame they don't value their customers! While I make purchases, I'm sure I'm not making the level you are. Shame on them for treating you that way. I feel we're stuck since we love the products!