Not Feeling the Love...............

  1. For the past couple of weeks, I have been busy dealing with DD's first year of High School and all the trials and tribulations that accompany it.
    Formal dances w/o dates:wtf: (not in our time)
    Homework and test that obviously show 9th graders are way smarter than 43 year old Mom's:confused1:
    Mean & *****y girls who will do and say anything to make others feel bad :cursing:

    So last week, I ran across a wonderful deal on a Beautiful Slick Red Riki:choochoo: and I had just purchased my first pair of Bright Shiny Patent Red C.L's so I grabbed it.

    I received it and I am just not sure what to think. I love the color and the bag is TDF, but I still just don't think the Riki is the size for me:sad:
    redriki3.jpg backsideredrikistuffed.jpg redrikililac.jpg redrikilock.jpg redrikistuffed.jpg
  2. I'm so :drool::drool: over that Red Riki. Is so purty :love: ..... please keep her, for me... since I cant affor
  3. Robyn-- that bag is droolworthy. I have been eyeing the red ramonas and rikis on Saks but can't bring myself to shell out the $$$ with the bags not on sale. I would keep it and just scale down what you put in it. Gorgeous, congrats!!
  4. Your bag is gorgeous, the color is fabulous!!! Do you think the Riki is too small?
  5. You like the big bags, eh Robyn? As you know, I have the slick red Ramona. I say, if the bag isn't whispering sweet nothings in your ear...send it back and swap it for a Ramona. Here is my Ramona to tempt you... TEMPTIE- :devil: -TEMPTIE And I bet those shoes are TDF! :drool:
  6. I love the red slick calf - it's gorgy! If I didn't already have the ring in the slick calf, I would get the riki in the red slick calf.
  7. Hi mnshopgirl:flowers:

    How are you liking your Ring? Isn't it a wonderful bag:nuts:
    I just love mine and that was one I had never given a second look at until Samantha posted hers:choochoo:
  8. Hi Robyn, I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough couple of weeks. I personally think that your bag is beautiful, but if it isn't what you want, then it'll just sit around not getting any action. Maybe it's better to wait for something you'll truly love.
  9. Thank you Savanna:flowers:

    I am just in a rut with being drawn to the larger bags :push:

    I have tried the Red Maddy and I just got rid of my Blue Wet Look Riki, because they seemed so small to me, but the color of this Riki was so Beautiful and matched the shoes so nicely.

    I really don't carry much in my bag other than a JC wallet, a small cosmetic case, keys and a Sidekick Phone.

    It just seems I am always pulling the wallet out to get to the phone or the cosmetic case and I prefer to be able to open the bag and look inside to see exactly what I'm reaching for. Stupid, I know:yes: I just need to become more adaptable:yes:
  10. ^ I agree with you. Even thought I do not have any designer bags, YET, I 2 prefer bigger bags for the exact same reason as you.

    BTW - I saw your a SK :heart: - did you see the new ones coming out? I'm so much getting the SK Slide:love:
  11. Robyn, sorry to hear your past couple of weeks have been so trying:flowers: Your new Riki is a Beauty!!! Only you know if it will actually work for you but personally I love it. Give it a shot. It is a gorgeous bag. Hang in there!
  12. Oh, BTW, would love to see a pic of your new Louboutins next to your Choo;)

    Can't stop looking at your new Riki! This might be the Riki for me:drool:
  13. That is a gorgeous bag!!! You should definitely keep it. And yes, please post pics with your CL shoes!!!

    (will write later this week)
  14. Poor baby...I had boys so I never had to deal with the problems you have with a daughter, all I know is my girlfriends with daughters went thru a rougher time then, but now they have close relationships with their girls. My boys just don't get the Jimmy Choo thing!
    Love your red Riki:heart:
  15. ^^I kinda feel the same way about my blue marin...