Not feeling the love

  1. So I normally don't stray outside the coach forum, but tonight I thought "ok nikki, you need to go look around and see what else is out there". Well I did, and I don't like it.

    What's with this purse snobbery?? Why can't people who love bags just appreciate the excitement someone has over their bag? Just because a bag isn't $700+ doesn't make it a "cheap" bag, it makes it more sensible.

    I think I might be more turned off to the higher end bags now because of the attitude of people who carry them, i'm not sure I want to be associated with them.

    What are your feelings on it? Maybe it's just because it's that time of the month and I had to work all night that i'm a little bit sensitive about these things, but i'm pretty sure it's not just me.
  2. I've come in contact with this as well. Some women can be super catty when they are carrying something high end and another is carrying something beneath that. Personally, I think quality is SO much better than paying top notch for a piece of junk that just carries a designer name. I love the high quality of the Coach line and just because it doesn't cost 1000 dollars for a bag doesn't mean it's not just as good as anything else out there.
  3. I for one do not discriminate when it comes to handbags. I fall in love with a bag; not the lable. Does that mean that I do not get swept up in the desinger bag craze? No, I am human. However, I find myself coming back to tried and true. Like Coach. I LOVE their legacy line and it brings me back to why I love Coach leather in the first place.

    I am still a Balenciaga fan, and do own a few LV items. However, I also have an adorable wicker purse/tote that came from Target that costs $50. As long as the bag is not a fake and I think it is cute, then it is a winner in my book.

    As with ANY web forum, there are some elitests who will ONLY carry LV or Chanel or Hermes. Good for them. That is why I do not write in these forums much. I have a much broader range of tastes in handbags. Too each their own!!
  4. i totally agree with you becca4277. labels are not as important as everyone makes them out to be, they shouldn't be the deciding factor when you're getting a bag.

    And for those that feel they have the right to make others feel bad because they don't carry around the oober-expensive bags, i feel sorry for them, b/c that just shows how immature and ignorant they are.

    whew . . . sry that was so long ;)
  5. well said becca.

    i have a few LVs but my love is Coach because the line changes so often and includes so many new and exciting pieces! i have the LV staples but i can never get enough coach.
  6. This is the reason I stay in the Coach forums. I think, at least, the people who frequent the Coach forum are much nicer than the other people, say in a forum where the bags cost $1000+, because they would be all snooty that they had this bag and another person had a Coach bag, one that cost less than their bag but was better quality.

    Whoa that was a long sentence...Lol. :smile:
  7. That's one of the reasons why it took me so long to discover Coach. I had no idea what the actual bags cost, I just had this notion in mind that they were really expensive and the attitude I saw from women who carried high end bags was terrible. I honestly did not want to be associated with them. But when I went back to school and saw Coach bags everywhere, and they were cute !!, I thought "how expensive can they really be if all the college girls have them?"

    And so the addiction was born...
  8. A cute bag is a cute bag and I carry what I like, regardless of the label or price tag. I like Coach, Kate Spade, MJ and I recently bought a couple of Sak bags for the summer!!
  9. I agree... well said Becca. :yes:

    Coach was my first love, and it is the "base" of my handbag wardrobe... that being said, I *try not to* discriminate regardless of brand... the are other brands that I have fallen in love with the design.. I love Balenciaga bags, a number of Marc Jacobs bags, and I am looking at getting a few LV basics right now...

    And although I think bbags are going to be in steady competition for closet space with Coach, I will always consider bags based on how much I love them, not by trying to be a brand elite person. I like Coach because I think they have an American "cute" quality to them... whereas I like bbags, because I like the fact that no one around me really knows what they are, or has any - yet they have a very quality look and rich colors... So, for me - it is about the total design. ;)
  10. I also have a couple of balenciaga bags and I love them!! But, Coach is so classic. They are well made and they do add new designs all the time. I love going online or into the store and seeing new things to buy. I just get so excited!!!! Don't worry about the snobbery. Just buy what you love (if you can afford it or make it work because I know I can't always pay a $1000 for a bag!!)

  11. i just stick to the coach forum, handbags and purses, and the bag showcase. i also dabble in the animal and general section, and pop my head into newcomers and the help area. thats about it. i had the same problem when i first came to TPF and didn't feel very welcome on other boards, but i've over come that and found the boards i enjoy the most! not ever bag is for every person, but i've steered clear of a few brands due to the attitude i've noticed comes with them. to each his own! :yes:
  12. i wont post in LV because in my showcase there was a sarcastic remark about my speedy being "well loved" because the handles have in the coach forum i feel more welcomed and all my bags are appreciated for their beauty.

    i love seeing everyone's new additions even if its just a charm, becuse its all beautiful.
  13. People shouldn't be judging others on what designer bag they are carrying, that's ridiculous! :yucky:
    What I wear does not make me the person that I am.
    Don't let them get you down Nikki.
    If you like it whether it be Target, Coach or LV, that is all that matters!
  14. *doesn't post in LV*

    i don't care for it i dont' have it, so i have no need. i have seen some things i do like, but have been afraid to comment :crybaby:

  15. My thoughts exactly!!! I own one LV --> Speedy 30. Actually it's my mom's and it's a 20 year old bag but because she doesn't carry it too much, it's pretty spanking new. I borrowed it and I am working on the "gradual ownership". :p

    LV will always be LV, they don't stray too far away from their basic lines. But with Coach, you get a MUCH wide variety! The existence of Coach outlet stores definitely makes Coach much more appealing. It just makes me happy finding an outstanding deal. **Confession: I bought a legacy leather trench coat at the outlet for $300, rather than $1600.** And that's what I am talking about, Coach just makes me happy in a lot of different ways, be it good quality, occasional killer deals, wonderful SA's, and interesting blend of styles and its clientale. I LOVE COACH and will stay in love indefinitely. :heart: