Not feeling the B Bag Love..........

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  1. I've carried my ink twiggy about 5 times now, and I'm just not loving it:sad: :sad: .....I don't know what it is - if it's the size or the shape or the fear of something happening to it.......I have a city on the way - maybe I'll like that better......
  2. Aw, Tori sorry to hear that...What color city did you get? Ink as well?
  3. Yep, ink, lol - I love the color!
  4. Heheh...Good to know...I was going to suggest if you didn't like the style of the twiggy, then maybe the city in ink would change your mind...I absolutely love mine!!:heart: :heart:
    Please post some pics when she comes! :biggrin:
  5. My only complaint about the Twiggy is that sometimes when I put it down my stuff pops up almost out of the bag.
  6. I think part of it is that it seems shallow and then all of my stuff is jumbled around - don't know if that makes sense.......and maybe something about the shape - I was looking at it today and it started to remind me of a gym bag!
  7. Tori, Have you thought about a Purseket? It's an insert you put inside your bag to help organize your stuff so it doesnt get "jumbled around."

    Here's the link to the website. HTH

  8. :yes: I have 2 of them....I don't like how they make the bag feel - I think because the leather is too soft....
  9. I think you will love the ink city when you get it! Its not only gorgeous, but so functional! Keep us posted!!!
  10. That was exactly how I felt about my ink seemed too much like a duffle bag to me. So I sold it and bought an ink first, and it is perfect for me!
  11. I'm sorry to hear you did not love the Twiggy. Maybe the City is more your style. It too is a fabulous bag!
  12. Thanks for the good vibes ladies....yup, I am thinking the city may be the one!
  13. wow, i sure wish i had your problem tori-girl :smile:
  14. Oh Tori, I totally know how you feel about the twiggy. That's why I decided to keep my magenta first and sell the twiggy size intead. The long shallow shape just didn't work for me. I saw the ink color for the first time today and I loved it. I hope you feel differently about your new city!
  15. Yes, I see your point. The Twiggy is soft.

    I like the Purseket for certain style hobo bags the best. A hobo, by nature, is analogous to The Black Hole and can be difficult finding anything!
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