Not feelin the Reissue -- am I crazy??

  1. i have white and red jumbo flaps that i love so when I heard the buzz about the fall reissues i jumped on it and scored a metallic black and dark silver in 227. but when i opened the boxes my reaction was "meh." same when i tried them on. the lists are miles long and everyone here seems to love theirs so what is wrong with me??! should i try them in a different size?
  2. Could it possibly be the color? I know that I've seen some of the exact same bags I own in other colors and just don't care for them. Like anything it's a personal preference.
  3. I don't think you're crazy. I know what you mean.
  4. nah, not all bags are for everyone!
    I don't dig the Cabas:shrugs:
  5. I had the 2005 2.55 reissue in 227 but sold it because I was not in love. I prefer the classic flaps. So not you are not crazy.
  6. I keep trying to love the reissue, but what I love most about the classic flaps is the chain. I also prefer the CC's closure and how I don't have to worry as much with the caviar leather.
  7. i wouldn't buy a reissue LOL so i agree. there are nicer looking chanel bags
  8. i thought i was the only one in the world not loving the reissue!.....prefer CC lock, love the old chain, and its too small to fit my stuff in...........:shrugs:
  9. i just can't pinpoint what it is i don't love: the clasp, the chain, the leather, the size, the colors. and this is so unlike me! i'm generally pretty decisive about bags and don't waste time analyzing why my heart doesn't sing. in this case though, i can't figure out why i love my jumbos and dislike the reissues -- they aren't really that different, are they? i wonder if i would feel differently about the 226 size.
  10. Nah you aren't crazy. I have boththe dark and light and sold the dark already, and may return the light. There are things I love and hate about them, love the chain, hate how they crease onteh bottome. Love the MM lock, but hate how its harder to close than the CC lock.

    For as much as we pay for our bags, we should love them. Chanel makes so maydifferent styles and colors out there, so they can make something that every one love, you'll always find one, or two or three or more bags you love, but equally as many that just aren't "you."
  11. hmm if you don't like them, is there a possibility that you can return them? i didn't like the reissues at 1st (just from seeing pics of them) but when i saw one IRL i was a convert! Maybe they'll grow on you over time? And nah you're definitely not crazy-- there are many chanel bags that i'm not particularly fond of either!
  12. I also prefer the classic flaps-I like the CC lock. I guess u have to buy what u love no matter what the "it" bags are!
  13. Nope you're not crazy. At first I didn't like the reissue but now I kinda do? Haha oh well.
  14. Nope you are definitely not crazy! I have several reissues, including the two you have, and while I love 'em, it's the traditional jumbo classic flap that makes my heart sing! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE 'em.

    There's so much to love with Chanel purses -- you don't have to love 'em all. Enjoy what you love and return the ones you merely like!
  15. There's nothing wrong with you, everybody just have different tastes, styles and liking, I like the reissues and the classic flaps, and I don't feel a thing for GST, PST...and that 's ok, I still enjoy looking at all the gst and pst modelling pics... so you are very ok! :p