Not feelin' the love for the satchel

  1. least not yet.

    I was very! :yahoo: excited to get a lovely mousse satchel this weekend...special thanks to a wonderful tPFer. Mademoiselle Moussey is truly beautiful and soft and really nice to touch. :love: The color amazes me. I put her on the desk in my office this morning so I can admire her; even in godawful fluorescent office light, she's gorgeous. :drool: BUT...

    I'm not really feelin' the love for this bag, in a practical sense. The triangular shape holds a lot, but it feels sort of awkward to carry, even though it smooshes down a little when it's full. It's not terribly easy to get stuff in and out of, although I do like the outside pockets. Having the lock as a closure also feels weird, and I'm a little afraid I might damage my cellphone or sunnies with it if I put them in the front pocket. As I mentioned briefly in another thread, I've already chipped one of my dining room chairs by carelessness with flipping the lock over...gotta be more careful, or I'll have to just take the lock off.

    I've only carried her today so far, so it may be too early to tell for sure, but I loved :heart: the shoulder bag right away. Does it take a while to get used to carrying the Paddy satchel shape? Do some of you have other Paddy shapes you prefer, like maybe the box?
  2. For me it was love at first sight!! :love:

    The size and shape are perfect for the everyday bag and the shoulder straps make it
    incredibly comfortable to wear despite the weight. I love the outter pockets for dropping
    in keys and such, while the inner pocket is easy to access and so roomy! I have even
    stuff a hoodie inside it and hardly noticed!! :upsidedown:

    But it's all about what style works for you!

    If this shape and shoulder drop doesn't suit you, then you might consider another size
    and configuration.

    It's just Too Much Money to pay for a bag that you have to grow to love, IMHO! :angel:
  3. It was definitely love at first sight...I adore the way she looks. It's the practical aspects I'm not sure of.

    There's no way I can wear the satchel on my shoulder comfortably, but I expected it to be a handheld bag so that's fine. :yes:

    I was was able to drop a 24-oz water bottle in the satchel this morning with no problem - it does indeed fit a lot of stuff. Maybe I'm just not used to the...triangularness of it?
  4. Only you can say :yes:

    My only advice is to love it at that price :P At least for me, it's a pretty pricey piece to
    own so I feel like I have to really bond with my bags to justify their cost! LOL

    If it works for you as a hand-held bag, awesome! For me, though I couldn't imagine
    the weight being managable if I had to hold it that way :s These guys are a labor of
    love for me!! :upsidedown:

    Hey- post pics!!! :heart:
  5. I personally find it really easy to carry! I have both the box and satchel and they are about the same comfort for me. If you're not digging the triangle shape the box is a great alternative!!

    I completely agree with hmwe. :yes: Only you if it's for you or not. The bag comes with a large price tag so make sure you really love it!! :heart:
    And make sure to post pics!!!! :love:
  6. Ha! I will post some pics later on. I had an insanely busy weekend!

    I'll see how it goes with the satchel, and if it doesn't work, maybe try switching it out with a box paddy. But maybe it will's too pretty not to try it for a while.
  7. I find it easy to carry, but not for a long time as my shoulders will start hurting. LOL

    I like wearing the satchel on my shoulder and hand holding the zippy. It is a pain to get in the bag because you gotta do this and that, but the outside pockets are perfect for my keys, metrocard, and the little change i keep on the side for coffee and such.

    Give it a try, i'm sure she'll grow on you!!!!
  8. Just wanted to post an update to say that I'm feeling much better about the satchel now. I took her out for lunch and we wandered around Barnes & Noble for a while. I tried her on my shoulder again and it actually worked this time - I was wearing a fleece yesterday because it was chilly, but today I'm not. So I've learned that I do have the shoulder option if I'm not wearing anything too heavy.

    I do rather like her hand-held though, the leather on the straps is so thick that it's almost bouncy. She's definitely growing on me.
  9. Yay!!! I'm so happy to hear that hippiechic!! :yahoo:
  10. so glad you're bonding, i bet you look great together! :heart:
  11. We need pics!