Not familiar with Balenciaga

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  1. I was wondering if the lovely people of this forum could help sister wants to buy a balenciaga day bag from a friend of hers but she thinks certain dimensions look slightly off.

    What is the length (in cm) of:
    A - please see picture
    B - please see picture
    C - front zipper

    Do these dimensions vary from season to season? I believe the bag in question is from 2009.

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  2. Welcome to the forum!

    Here is the thread with all the information about size, style and price info:

    I don't recall the dimensions changes. If you have any concern of the authenticity, please post its deal pictures to this thread.

    Again, welcome to the forum!

  3. Thank you for the warm welcome! I've visited the thread you provided RE: bag dimensions but after reading this:

    My sister and I are am mostly concerned with the dimensions of certain details (most notably the ones I mentioned in my first post). If anybody can let me know what they are, we would greatly appreciate it :smile:

    I will try to get pictures this week - will they be enough to determine that the dimensions are correct?
  4. you can check out the dimension at
  5. Hi pursespurses... I can tell you this... posting photos is very necessary to trying to determine authenticity. Please know that many counterfeiters have access to authentic bags and can replicate the sizes and many key areas very well. Some counterfeits will have precise same dimensions as auth bags, some will not. Also the person measuring the bag may not measure precisely, and can be "off". So, comparing dimensions, IMO, cannot determine authenticity.

    On a BAL DAY bag, photos are needed of the front and back of bag, the handle lacing, buckle, rivets, hardware, back of zipper, front & back of inner tag.
  6. Thank you for your help, will try to get pictures!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.