Not fake not authentic but I do want to alert all tPFers who love Chanel


    I won the exact same clutch from the seller referred to in the listing - not the seller that lists this item. The pictures and everything are exactly the same, yes, down to the code...

    I have already paid for the item (also got acknowledgement of receipt from the seller) but have yet to receive the bag. If you are thinking of getting this bag, do ask questions because I am very concerned and confused about what's happening. :confused1: (And at this point, I do not want to say what's exactly in my head but you can guess...)

    I don't know where to post this as I am not asking anyone to authenticate and this is not a fake bag either, well, based on the pictures that is.

    I have already written to all parties concerned and am waiting for them to respond.
  2. Do you mean you already bought this bag from the seller whose username begins with 'p' and ends in 'y'?

    If so, this might be another ID of theirs, although I can't stand it when sellers use the same photos. Did your seller refer to the small flaws that this one has?
  3. Everything, photos, descriptions etc, is exactly the same. It is not a case of one seller "stealing" pictures from another seller. I have seen sellers recycling their pictures and that's fine with me. Decent sellers however will show you a picture of the authenticity card with a different number.........
  4. I don't understand what you'r worried about... please say what's in your head LOL :p I have a very small brain... sometimes I think my head is really just a big empty space with a couple of bags in it... :noggin:
  5. I don't trust e-bay I'd rather pay extra shipping cost from C/B or official stores than making rich all the hawks out there!
  6. I am the same! I cant help or give adivise if I dont understand. I need it to literally be s-p-e-l-t out to me!:yes:
  7. LOL
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. ITA! And I thought I was the only one not understanding what the OP was saying! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. I think what she's saying is she won the same clutch (same photos and hologram, authenticity card) from the seller refered to in the listing (click on the link and read the auction). It seems the sellers have two user ID's and perhaps listed the same bag under both IDs. If two people won it - one under each ID - and they only have one bag to send, who is going to end up with it? Winner number 1 or 2? Since the OP hasn't received her clutch yet, it may have been sent to the other winner, or the seller may have two clutches and used the same photos for both listings.
  11. aaahhhhh....thank you for clarifying that up Roey!
  12. Maybe you got such a good deal on it, that maybe she is relisting it hoping to get more$. I hope this isn't the case, hope everything works out for you!
  13. ^but the thing is. . . no 2 bags/wallets have the same hologram #. . . that's what's alarming. You don't know what she'll send you because there's NO WAY 2 people are getting the same item w/ the same hologram #.
    Does that make sense?