Not fair.

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  1. #1 Jan 31, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    I'm so disappointed. There was a beautiful rare DVF dress that I have been wanting to buy forever and I finally found one on ebay. I was watching the auction and was going to bid when it was close to ending in 5 more days. I just noticed that it ended and the dress is worth $345, but it sold for the beginning listing price of $49.95. When I looked to see who bought it I was not surprised at all. It was this lady that lies in all of her auctions stating all of the DVF dresses that she lists are from her own personal collection and have never been worn and she's selling them to make room for new ones. Which is a lie, because when I looked at her past buying and selling history I see that she has bought all of the DVF dresses she is selling from other ebayers and the dresses have all been used. I guess I'm a little more upset about this more than I should be, because I had bought 2 DVF dresses from her in the past for $150 and more for the dresses. And when I looked back at her buying history I saw she only paid $28 or $49 for the dresses that I bought and I had thought were brand new and I never knew she had bought these used DVF dresses from someone else. WHen I emailed the seller and told her I was so disappointed that she ended the auction 5 days early and I told her I would have paid $150 for the dress she emailed me back and told me the buyer was pestering her and wanted the dress for her daughter. Wrong!!! This seller will be relisting this dress and will sell it for $150 or more. I know I sound upset, but I'm just mad that I paid $300 for total for the DVF dresses I bought from this seller and I trusted her when she stated in her auctions that the dresses were from her own collection and brand new without tags. I'm sure I will get some negative responses from this, but I just don't think this is fair. Any thoughts?
  2. I just spoke to ebay customer service and told them what this seller is doing and they looked up the sellers buying and selling history and noticed that she is lying in her auctions. They looked up her buying and selling history. They agreed that it's not fair to all of the other ebay buyers. This lady buys DVF dresses for very low prices(which is fine) but then lies in her auctions that the dress are new and from her own personal collection. That is a lie and not fair to other buyers. They are not happy about this either. :biggrin:
  3. I'm sure I will get some people that will not be happy with me, but honestly I don't think sellers should lie in their auctions and state their dresses are brand new and from their own collections.
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    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    ITA with you - what she is doing is wrong and she should be stopped.

    Whether she ever will be is quite another matter, of course! :rolleyes:

    Perhaps, one day, someone will realise that this is what she is doing, while they still have time to file a dispute and leave her a neg?

    Many, many, sellers do this, but most buy with a different ID than their selling ID.
  5. evilBay is known as such not just because of the practices of the website owners.

    Tons of the sellers have gotten really awful, too. ITA with you, OP.

    My hunch is that almost all the car parts sold on evilBay are stolen and evilOwners know it.

    Prob a large % of cell phones w/out a box, too.

    I always have a back up cell phone around in case mine goes diving or something. I used to get the back ups on evilBay.

    One time I noticed that the exact phone I wanted was buy it now for a good price and the ship from addy was 20 miles from me. So I email-asked if I could come pick it up and pay cash.

    WOW! I got a super firm NO on that one. Huh? thought me. Then I realized it was probably stolen (along w/ all his other phones) and he thought I might be the cops.

    Since then, no evilBay for me. I'm not participating in lies and theft. And evilBay treats its sellers like dirt: freezes accounts for little reason and charges super high fees.

    Too bad. EB used to be a nice place, like CraigsList.

    Sorry for the rant but you got me started, OP! LOL

  6. Yes, I'm hoping someone else will realize what she is doing. I was going to post her id, but I don't think we can. I did not realize that she was not the original owner of the DVF dresses that I had bought from her and that they were used until after I left positive feedback.
  7. I agree with everything you said. I feel the same way.
  8. Are you allowed to post who she is so no one gets stuck with this?

  9. ...and that's what she's relying on, of course.

    I take it it's too late for you to file a dispute?
  10. I'm sorry don't think were allowed to post their ID.
  11. ^ I believe you are, as long as they're not a member of tPF. :yes:

  12. Yes, it's too late to file a dispute. It's been over 45 days. I just will never buy anything from her again.
  13. Technically once she buys them they are part of her own personal collection :P

    But it's not fair that she's selling stuff "new" if it's been used. It's just plain wrong to claim stuff is new when it's been used.
  14. It's really not fair. Sellers should be honest on their description if it's brand new or used. No matter they bought it on *bay or somewhere. But then it's *BAY so what else can we expect. A lot of resellers are really profiting there. I saw some Chanel purses which were bought low and were able to re-sell for $500-$1000 profit that's why it's really encouraging to do some research first before taking a dip, IMO.
  15. I agree. What makes me mad is that she is emailing sellers that don't sell a lot of DVF dresses(so they don't know how much the dresses really sale for) and telling them she really wants the dress for her daughters birthday. And the unsupecting sellers are selling her their dresses at their low starting bid. She then relists the dresses for three times what she paid for and claims they are new or she only wore them once and lies that they came from her personal collection. And it's not fair to the other ebay bidders that are watching these auctions and want a chance to bid on them. I just noticed that she had another buy catch onto her. She bought a DVF dress from her(one that she bought for $30.00 from another seller and sold to this ebay buyer for $130 and the buyer was upset, because the dress was stained and worn out. This seller left a awful follow up remark to this buyer and stated she's the worst buyer and had buyers remorse!!!