Not Fair! What Is This Crap? Ahhhh!

  1. Ok, so I just listed a Coach Carly Sig Bag today &I was checking out the other Carly bags and noticed something odd!

    EVERY SINGLE one of the Carly Coach bags that sold for $289 or more had the following people bidding on the item...the SAME EXACT BIDDERS!!! I am looking at other auctions that are at high prices early in the game and I am seeing teh same thing!! THEY NEVER ACTUALLY WIN THE AUCTION!

    Here are a sample of the bidder's names:

    And the list goes on!
  2. Ah, shill bidding at its best ... or worst.
  3. Lori-don't panic...that's what I thought at first too when I was trying to buy a patchwork indigo Carly. Over a certain amount, the seller can "hide" the bidders' that they can't be tracked by other ebayers. I suppose it's for the bidders security and such. But that was my first thought exactly too! I was like dang...what's up with all this shill bidding!
  4. NO this is legitimate. These are not the actual bidder ids. Any time you sell high price item on eBay the bidders look like this just go look at tvs for example. .eBay changes the buyers ids in these auctions to all be like that so no one will know the bidders ids.. I guess maybe this is to protect the bidders from fake offers .

  5. ^ Yup - I was the bidder on one of these auctions and my user-name looked totally different from what it actually was. For a while I didn't think I was the "high bidder" because I didn't recognize that the name changed was really mine! :p

    It's actually not a bad idea, as I recently bid on a Coach item and was sent at least FOUR emails to my account with fake "second chance offers" indicating I was the 'real' winner of the item and asking for payment - and this was even before the auction for the item ended.
  6. This is one of the few good things that eBay brought in. Any auction that goes over £100 in the UK automatically stars out the highest bidder AND all the under bidders too. Apparently this has put a stop to all the fake 2nd chance offers
  7. Oh how funny!!!! I was like OMG! This is so wrong! Thanks for the insight Cit Cat!

    I did get my bag Craigstlist, found someone selling ti for 250 NEW! Yeah!
  8. be careful craiglist is even worse with fakes than EBay ...did you get the bag authenticated here? might be a good idea :flowers:
  9. Oh no, she gave me the tags and even the recipt that comes with bag....I think I am pretty safe. She was selling it cause she needed the money for Vet bills :smile:

    Thanks though!
  10. But wait! Why do they ALL ahve ZERO to 5 feedback? None of them have high feedback either....
  11. Are they all listed by the same seller?
  12. NO they are from different sellers....but every one of these f***4 bidders has very, very low feedback! Its that a bit odd?
  13. ^^I think it's probably just coincidental if the bags are all from different sellers. When I bought a bag on ebay a couple weeks ago, it showed my ID as l****e, and had the middle part of my ID blocked out with asterisks. I only have a FB score of 17 even though I've been established for 3-4 years and have bought a good bit of stuff. Only about a third of the sellers I've purchased from left feedback, even though I left FB for them. It happens.
  14. But we are talking every single bag that is bid on HIGH early in teh game is T***Y and have either 0 feedback or maybe 1. That seems abit suspicious to me...check it out for yourself. Whenevr you see a Coach bag that was recently lsited but it already going for 150 plus check out the bidders!
  15. I wouldn't worry too much about the low feedback people. You have to figure that every day new people discover that they can save a lot of money by buying on eBay rather than the Coach store. Some people's first introduction to eBay may be trying to find a Coach bag.:yes: