Not excited!!!

  1. FexEx gal just arrived with my Legacy Signature Shoulder bag in brown. I've been waiting all week for it and when I opened the package I wasn't excited anymore. I was extremely "high" at the store but now I'm not :nuts:. Am I nuts or what? Has anyone ever felt like this before?
  2. I guess it's sorta like Christmas. Leading up to the holiday, you're so excited and have high expectations. Then you feel kinda down after it's over.

    If you don't love it, you should return it. Or maybe after a few uses, you'll be excited again.
  3. Yes, unfortunately I have felt like that far too many times. :tdown: For me though it is usually ordering it from only seeing it online and then I see it or try it on irl and it is a dissapointment. I am sorry you are not in love.. exchange it for something you do love!!! :yes:
  4. Do you have any pics of your new bag? Is it like the one in your avatar?
    So sorry you are not very excited.....uggg...bummer. But, as other's have stated.......try agiain:yes:
  5. Yes it's the one on my avatar. I was so in love when I saw it. I actually exchanged a Medium chocolate Carly for the Legacy and now that it's here, I'm like "oh what the hell's the big deal" arrrg. I took all the stuffing out so I can examine it and then I put it back the box. Oh well, maybe it will see daylight this weekend! Maybe I just need a :lecture::bagslap:
  6. Give it like a few days to sink in and see if you like it again. That tends to happen when you set the bar very high, it never quite meets expectations.
  7. I ordered a LV last spring and was over the top excited....then I got it and was like "ehh". Didn't do much for me. Well, I put it back in the box and walked away from it for a few days - I was going to send it back but then decided to look at it again - I took it out and fell in love with it and kept glad I did. Sometimes our expectations get built up so high - give it time.
  8. I think I know what's going on with me! I called in sick today at work because I'm on my "period" and feel like I'm going into labor :cursing: It's sooo bad. Maybe that's why I'm not feeling the bag right now. I'll look at it again in a few days when I start to feel better!
  9. The Legacy shoulder bag in brown siggy is beautiful. I agree with everyone, give it a few days and then see how you feel. Wear it around the house a bit.
  10. I agree too.....then if you dont really care for it, return it for something you like better!
  11. Off topic...BUT...fields, I love your skull/crossbones on your black/white Chelsea!:drool:.....I bought the new skull keyfob a few weeks ago but returned it because it looked terrible on my brass hardware bags. :crybaby:
  12. Totally off topic - but Cverhoff made me look for the Skull/Chelsea - Great Combo Fields! Doesn't Mommyville have that also? (or has this been sold to make room for newer bags!!)

    Okay: :back2topic: Puchita: I agree - give it a few days. I actually brought home the legacy shoulder bag in black, and i'm "ehh" about the bag, but not the color. So I'm going to exchange it for Whiskey later this week. Give it a few days and see if you fall in love all over again.....
  13. Agree- see how you feel. Sometimes all it takes it to try it on with a nice outfit to realize how great the bag really is. If youre like me you lounge around in your sweats when you take time off from work... could it just be that coach bags dont look their absolute best when youre modeling them w/ ur grungy sweats? try it on again tomorrow morning when youre all dolled up for work!
  14. Maybe I'll just do that, thanks everyone for replying! :tpfrox:
  15. YES, I have Chelsea, and NO, she hasnt been sold to make room for newer bags...Chelsea IS my newer bag!!!! I dont have the skull though!!! ;)