Not exactly "Wardrobe" But hey, everyone loves sunglasses!

  1. I didn't see a place for Sunglasses. Not that I have many, but I'm anxiously waiting to purchase my first pair of Chanel sunglasses, and I thought I'd start a thread about Sunglasses where everyone could post their pics! Anyways, here are mine. (lame I know) But hey, a girl's gotta start somewhere! Plus I've sold a few along the way to acquire more beloved things. :yes:
    Picture 145.jpg Picture 146.jpg Picture 134.jpg Picture 147.jpg Picture 144.jpg
  2. Very nice collection! I am a big sunglasses fan too.
  3. Hey! what chanels are you waiting for?

    I'm hanging out for the old 5018 or maybe something similar from the new season.

    That's such a lovely and huge collection - I only just bought my first pair of Bvlgaris... I always forget to wear sunnies, so I can't really justify having lots LOL I'll have to get into the habit, but they make me self-conscious sometimes.

    My BF is one of those people that takes them everywhere by reflex, like his car keys and wallet. If he forgets them, he'll turn around to go home and get them. I wish I was like that!
  4. Cute collection! Excited to see your future purchases. :yes:
  5. I love the white ones!
  6. Love the Juicy sunglasses..:heart::heart:

    I went to Steinmart just to look :wondering...and ended up buying two pair of sunglasses. Michael Kors...for 19.00....(they go for 80-90$) and Oscar de la Renta, also for $19.00
  7. Nice collection. I only have one pair and am thinking about another pair but hardly any ever look right on me.
  8. Bring a friend with you to shop.^^ It really helps for someone to actually give you advice.