Not exactly a KOOBA question...

  1. ....But do any of you have other brands you also recommend/like? I was looking at the RM Morning After, Moni Moni Splendour...wanted any and all feedback on these and/or other brands. (Since I value you ladies' opinions!) I also have been known to eyeball the GUSTTO Baca and Botkier Bianca. (I do own a Sasha Duffle)
  2. I have heard some not so nice things on here about the Moni Moni. I ave been branching out into Botkier and Bulga. I want one of their large hobo bags. And Gustto too but I need to make sure that I like them in person before I get crazy trying to get one on eBay...
  3. I like Bulga a lot. Other labels: Anna Corinna, Hayden Harnett, Treesje and Belen Echandia. :yes:
  4. I love Botkier. I have a Sasha satchel, but have also been eyeing the Sasha duffle and the medium Bianca. I think Botkier is similar to Kooba in some ways - not in the look, necessarily, but a similar price range, and, at least where I live, something you don't see everywhere. Of course, I'm in the land of COACH and Dooney & Bourke, not to knock those brands (I have some of their bags, too), but that's really all you see. I like seeing some bags that are a little different.
  5. I highly recommend Gustto and Bulga. I have yet to experience a Botkier IRL, so I'm no help there. Bulga leather is very soft, and the bags are well-made (interesting designs, comfortable to wear too). Depending on when your Gustto was made, you will get different levels of craftsmanship. The newer Gusttos like the Cala are less rugged-looking and the details are fine-tuned. They even stepped up the lining to a nice tan canvas on those... a dramatic improvement from the Soylent Yellow Nylon of seasons past. The older Gusttos have a variety of inconsistencies in both the details and the craftsmanship, though the bags have divine leather.

    Hope that helps!
  6. Oops, double post!
  7. I saw a Gustto medium Setela at Nordstroms and the leather felt wonderful! I think I like the Baca shape more so, though. Still contemplating whether to purchase the RM Morning After Mini in looks like a nice daytime bag...just not sure if its real structured or if it has a slouchy feel.
  8. I went ahead and ordered the RM Morning After mini in glazed espresso from AE. Well...we'll see if I like it or not! :smile:
  9. BacardiGirl, I'd like to hear what you think of the MA Mini in glazed espresso. I've only seen that color on-line and it seems to go a little redish/orange. My own MA Mini is due to arrive tomorrow (in black).
  10. Hey! New gal here with first question. I really like 2 of the BCBG Maz Azaria handbags. I have lot of the shoes,great by the way. But wondering if $398 for one and $428 for the other are worth it.You just don't hear much talk about his bags. Any words of wisdom out there?? One is a quilted tote with chain on the handle, the other is a mix of qiuld and leather w/some chain on the handel too.
  11. Good question. I don't know anything about the BCBG Max bags. Maybe somebody else here does? (You also might try posting your question over on the main forum in the general "Handbags and Purses" forum.)
  12. Other brands I like? Oh yes, plenty others..most of them out of my reach..:crybaby:
  13. Well I received my Morning After Mini in Espresso today from AE and its really cute! Its more structured than my other bags, but the color is really rich-looking and I like the classic style. I am glad I got the Mini, too..its prefect size for work or play, when you don't want to carry around a humongous bag. I like it!
  14. I have a Gustto Torlia in white and it is a great bag-the leather is soft but pretty durable-I would love to buy another one...someday!