Not even noon, what a day...10,000, swag, and now this...

  1. First.....10,000......wahoo!!

    Swag bag first winner announced and goodies revealed.....wahoo!

    Then....OMG, I am crying here! So I go the the gym, and when I get out there are 5 missed calls from DH...thinking, I was only gone for about an hour, one of the kids must be hurt. Client/manufacturing problem he has to leave today, like in an hour for Tennesee, he won't be home to celebrate, 'our' valentines day as planned. :crybaby: I tell him don't worry, we'll celebrate when he gets home, he did bring me flowers, cards and a huge singing balloon yesterday...even tho we are (were) suppose to wait until Sat. night....anywho, he is rattling all the things I need to boys hockey, gardner, blah...blah....blah...and then he says, I ran home to pick up my suitcase (we keep one packed, for just such emergencys), so I left your gift on the foyer table...I say no, no I will wait for you....he just chuckled and said, "I love you, I will call you when I land".

    I get home and there is a black velvet box....... :graucho:

    Yes, of course I opened

    Picture does not do it justice, I don't know how to capture the sparke.


    I am only dissapointed he didn't get to see me open it, I tried to call him, but it's going straight to voice mail.

    Please congratulate me ladies...and come drink a glass of wine with me tonight, when I am lonely, but happy, after the boys are in bed.

    Thanks so much Megs and Vlad for a great forum, and everyone for letting me gab....obviously, I have a lot to say!
  2. Great haul tink!! Looks a bit like my Cinderella! WooHooo!
  3. wooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!! That's really just so gorgeous!!!! ahh you lucky girl! lol and what a sweet and lovely hubby! Congrats!
  4. IT is so FABULOUS!!!!!! CONGRATS!! MODEL please!!
  5. :yahoo: congratulations!!
  6. Its STUNNING, I love it!! I would love to see it on you!! Enjoy...its a piece you will enjoy forever. BEAUTIFUL!! Happy late Valentines day!;)
  7. Oooh!

    Rock that ice, Twink!

    And thank you so much for that contest! You totally didn't have to do it (but we're so glad that you did!)
  8. Congrats!
  9. How beautiful.
  10. Thanks everyone, no modeling pics for me....DH's paranoid rule, but I do get it. kwim
  11. Oh my gosh, that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!:heart:
  12. WOW :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: that's gorgeous!!! What a super sweet DH, and I'm sorry that he couldn't see you open it either. But don't worry, it's a with you later...LOL.
  13. OH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GOD!!!

    Are those diamonds?????????????? :wtf:

  14. How about a pic of just your neck? :graucho:
  15. 1. Congrats on 10,000! It'll be another year or two before I catch up!
    2. Thanks for having that contest! It was so fun. You're a sweetheart!
    3. And that ICE! Holy moly, glad I was sitting for that!